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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Violet's Drawing with a twist of a challenge

- Christmas Review
- Daily Item
Hey jammers!
How was everyones's christmas? I gotta say mine was prettyyyyyy good. Though before I talk about what I got for Christmas I just wanna apologize for the lack of posts that I promised over my two week break from school. 
I knew I wouldnt be able to post, christmas eve or christmas day, but I wanted to post tuesday and thursday except. On Tuesday my mom, brother, sister and I were playing a few games that we got for christmas and yesterday I went boxing day shopping (kinda) sooo lets just say those two things got in the way. I will try my best to post for the remainder of the break which is going by so quickly. Ugh then a few weeks after my break is exams:( I am getting worried for them but I should be thinking about them now since they are about a month away. 

Anyways now I want to talk about what I got for Christmas. I probably wont say every single thing cause then I probably forget somethings but I will whatever pops into my brain. So here we go!

- Adonit Pixel (drawing stylus for ipad)
- Disc Reader (since the computer I use doesn't have one)
- Stuff for my 3doodler ie: stand, nozzles, plastic
- Lamp
- Pyjamas
- Duvet comforter
- Giftcards
- Instax mini case and film
- Fidgetcube (now I have another one... mwuahaha. This one is better quality thoughXD)
- pens and a highlighter
- Prismacolor pencil crayons set of 60
- socks
- Few other things (that I can't think of)

So yeah:) I am very happy I got the stylus, though I must say if I had an ipad pro which I want to get in the future the apple pencil feels sooooooo nice. I mean my stylus is still pretty good though so I can't really complain to that.

So yesterday my mom, sister and I went shopping to an art store that my sister had been wanting to go to for a while now. Anyways, I got myself a pack of copics that have the colours of the rainbow. They are the ciao kind which I haven't tried yet but they are the same as the sketch which is what I have XD Though that doesn't really matter. Then I got myself another pusheen stuffy thats smaller and was on sale for 8 dollars and I had a giftcard so I didn't have pay anything. The new pusheen I have is a mermaid and shes really cute. 
I was gonna get a book as well but I have to order it online cause the store I went to for it didnt have it and the only 2 stores that have it is store like 45mins -2 hrs away. Then I need to get a couple movies. And I wanna get some more aj toys soooooo yeah.

So with my drawing stylus I got procreate and I am drawing different types of blobfishs. The first one I am doing right now is turning out pretty good I must admit. On Christmas eve I drew a teacup picture so I want to colour that in with my prismacolours. 

Sorry if I sounded like I was bragging, I didn't mean too:)

Well there you have it a very long intro once again:P

Daily Items:
Today we have the returning ice prison sold in jam mart furniture for 400 gems!
Not sure if this is the new item but I don't really have anything to say about this sooooo.
Hey? Isn't today suppose to be an update?? Or is that just me?

Today is suppose to be Violet's drawing and mini comic but I don't really feel like either. 
Hmmmm we will will see.

Violet's Drawing:
Normally, for Violet's drawing I post I drawing that I have been working on that is usually finished. Since I don't really have any art I am working on using AJ or any AJ related right now I am going to be doing a challenge.

So for this challenge I am going to be drawing 3 simple pictures with my eyes closed and without my wacom tablet. These 3 pictures consist of: A smiley face, a flower, and a squirrel. 

So let's begin, shall we?
Here is the smiley face. 

Here is the flower.

Here is the squirrel.

Out of all three of these I think the face turned out the best. Not really sure what happened to the flower and squirrel thoughXD 

Should I do this again in the future?
If so comment down some suggestions for me to draw with my eyes closed.

I must admit though this was pretty fun!!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya!

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