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Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Blogger Project Graphic

- Check out today's daily item
- Howl of the week
- Graphic for The Project
Hey jammers!
Sorry for the late post... I can explain. 
So basically, this morning I had to vaccum my house like I usually do on the weekend. And then I ate lunch right. And then I had to fold clothes and then I had to clean a mess on my back porch and then I had to fold clothes another 2 times and then I was trying to finish a book which I did finish. And now I can finally start the fevercode! Hopefully sometime this week. And then it was supper, and then I had I had to help my dad with dishes, and then I took a shower, and then I made a post on my non AJ blog and now I am here! Yep it's been a long day, but I did happen to get a few things done on my list! I started to read this book in english cause we needed a book, and it's from my school's library  and its called Daughter in deep silence and its soooo good so far and I think I have only read like 24 pages or something like that! Then after this post I am gonna watch some videos:D

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning maple leaf window sold in jam mart furniture for 350 gems!
This window is back, and its perfect for Canadians like me:)
Howl Of The Week:
Last week I asked...
Your opinion on the new zios statue.

We did end up getting a howl from Canineclaw (aka Harmonypurr9)

Here is what she says:
I also don't really like the new statue. I'm just kinda gonna miss the old statue.

For next week's howl I would like you to answer the following question in the comments...
Which pet and animal is your favourite on AJ and why?
I can't wait to see your comments!!

Graphic for The Blogger Project:
Here is my graphic for the blogger project Gracie!
I hope I didn't forget to add anyone in itD:

If anyone is cut off, its cause I had to base the animals off of the player card versions, so I am sorry about that. 
Hope you like it:) And if anyone couldn't tell, it was suppose to be all the characters mentioned so far in the story in the portal with Gracie and CoolCat in the middle and the others in a different spot... The background image of the portal was found on google images as well!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon!!
- Violet


  1. Nice graphic!!! Oh no! It's my fall main look, not my real one! And it's Snow's outfit for the fashion show, not her main look! But I think it SHOULD be fine... XD

    1. Thanks! And I noticed that too, it should be fine. Sorry about not your main looks guys but I had some spare time yesterday and I didn't know how much time I would have before the date that the graphic was due, hopefully everyone knows who is whoXD

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :D :D C: C:

    Remember, God made YOU!


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