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Friday, September 15, 2017

The exploration of the possibly last floor of the chamber of knowledge

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- Jamaa Explorations
Hey jammers!
I just watched the It, trailer. I kinda wanna force my friend and I to see it. Like it doesn't look super scary compared to some. I have pink's new song what about us stuck in my head now. It randomly just popped in there. Today I almost had no homework. YEP IKR again!! Except it only took like 5-10 mins so that was nice! So now all weekend I am pretty much homework freeeeeeeee. FREEEE LIKE A BIRDDDDDDDD. 

Daily Item:
Today we have the new leaf patter skirt sold in jam mart clothing for 450 gems!
It's actually kinda nice! I kinda like this and it is perfect for a fall outfit if you wanted to dress up like the season!

Here is what it looks like goats:
Kinda cute!
Jamaa Explorations- Chamber of Knowledge:
As much as I am aware of I think this is the last floor we have to explore in the chamber of knowledge. If it isn't please correct me in the comments and I will do the other floors next time.
Anyways let's take a quick look at this floor, before I go on an adventure with one of my friends on AJ!
Okay so above is the left half of this floor. It has lots of things to look at and if you click the 2 books you can look at some mini books!

This is the right half, you can click the book as well to look at other mini books and then to the right of that there is an earth icon you can click which has a fun fact! Then if you go up the ladder, there is some shelves you can look at, which looks like this:
So yeah!

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's jamaa exploration!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


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