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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Welcome back for 4 days Beta Party

- Check out today's  new items in the beta party
- The beta party is back
- Violet's drawing
- Mini Comic
Hey jammers!
My internet isn't working properly with AJ and blogger again today:/
Which is actually really annoying me. You seriously do something on aj like go to a den or something and the loading sign pops up. Then I go to the internet restarter app, on the computer and it says it isn't working for a few seconds then it switches to it is working then it just keeps repeating that whole process I just mentioned. How am I suppose to write up a post in normal speed if I have to keep doing that? Its gonna take soooooooooooooooooo long, kinda like how it did yesterday:( Oh my goodness aj, I am not impressed. Now my internet is fine and its aj. I am never gonna get anything done.

Daily Item:
Today we have the new items sold in the beta party!
Since I can't access the party right now here are the pictures from The animal jam pyre. 
These items are interesting in all but they are kinda 2dish not saying anything is wrong with that. I guess they were trying to make the items look like they were from the beta days, since some of the items back then looked sorta 2dish.

Jamaa Journal:
Like everyother week aj adds a new page to the jamaa journal. This week the beta party has been added but only for 4 days!! Which in a way kinda disappoints me, it'd be cool if they brought that den back for jammers to buy. I bet there is so many jammers out there who would love to use that den again or have it now. It could maybe be for nonmembers too!!

Mini Comic-The toucan who keeps sitting on people's heads:
Once upon a time there was a not fully dressed toucan who decided to sit on peoples heads.

Unfortunately no one did anything when this toucan decided to sit on there heads.
Except for a jammer and this coyote who I luckily got a picture of. The coyote decided to walk away and ignore the toucan whenever she decided to talk.

Violet's drawing:
I honestly made this in like 40 minutesXD So it isn't the best and because of that it doesn't deserve to be a masterpiece. Hopefully in two weeks from now I will have an awesome one to show!!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!!
- Violet

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