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Monday, February 13, 2017

The flags

- Check out the rare heart balloon
- See my redo of the balloon
- Learn about banners
- Be sure to enter the contest reminder
Hey jammers!
You could of had a new post about 15 minutes ago except I was busy checking my instagram and reading blog posts! Last night was the Grammy's... And my mom is getting a new car soon!! Tomorrow the grade 7's and 8's are having a valentines day dance. I will tell you how it went. OMG I TOOK AMAZZZZIIIING PHOTOS YESTERDAY IN THE SNOW. THEY WERE SERIOUSLYYYYY AMAZING!!! Anyways onto the post. Also we got another contest entry which is great!! 

Daily Item: 
Today we have the rare heart balloon sold in jam mart clothing for 550 gems!
To be honest... I don't really see whats rare about this item. Except for the fact that it says rare and that it's red... On the bright side, it isn't to expensive and is the perfect price!

Here it is on the giraffe:

Rim redo:
Since I am feeling a bit lazy right now I am going to draw the redo instead of recolouring it.
So it would look something like above.
Very perrrrrrrrty, ain't it? 
I also added a happy valentines day to it, and then sent it to aj.

Today's topic is about the flags or clickable things in jamaa!
That pull up facts.
What are these clickable things?
These are features in the game that bring up cool facts!

Is there different ones?
Yep there are multiple ones!

Where are they located?
They are located in every land of Jamaa!

How often do they change?
They change depending on the occassion.
For example if it is internet safety month they will put them up for that.

Hope this info was helpful for new jammers!
Or jammers who were curious and didn't know.

You can enter by clicking the contest image on the left side of the blog!
You have 2 days left to enter....
Yesterday's answer was...
The picture was located in the right bottom corner of the art studio!

Which piece of info did you find most helpful about the flags?

Fill in the blank in the comments:
Today I went to________ and ate____________. Which made me_______________ and made me want to ____________________a _______________________.

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya!
- Violet


  1. Couldn't answer your fill in the blanks. Today was just 41 minutes. I haven't been anywhere.

    For your previous post, yes, AJH was for Animal Jam Happenings. Hmm, I wish you could post some pictures of the snow, really! I'm curious.

    1. I'm not even an author on there anymoreXD Maybe I will post some pictures this weekend if I remember.


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