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Monday, February 20, 2017

Catalicious cat ears

- Check out the rare cat ears
- See a redo of the cat ears
- Learn about...EPIC DENS
Welcome back to another post! Tomorrow is school:( I really wanted to read today but I had to help my mom and brother with something and y brother really wanted to make a pie which I did not, but you know what? That is alright.

Daily Item:
Today we have the rare cat ears sold in jam mart clothing for 900 gems!
I feel like this should of been released in october before halloween.
It is also quite expensive but on the positive side its for.. NONMEMBERS!

Here the is the item on a bunny:

Rim Redo:
I decided to change the price to 600 gems cause 900.
Well it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much:) And yes that is brown and grey on the redo.
Who wouldn't wanna be a splotched cat?

This week's topic is on Epic Dens!
What is an epic den?
An epic den is a den that gets chosen by AJHQ and gets put the epic dens list on the map!

How can I make my den an epic den?
I think AJ once said you can make your den epic by making it look amazzzzzzzziiiing and advertising it in jamaa or having a party and having a certain amount of jammers in it!

How long will my den stay on the den's list?
I could be wrong but I believe it will stay on there for 12-24hrs.

Hope that topic helps new jammers! Or if you just wanted to learn more about the epic dens list!
Yesterday's unscramble answer was.... BOO, did I scare you?
Did you like today's rim?

Unscramble this sentence:
majaa si a rfudownle lceap ot tivsi!
Thats all for today jammers!
We recently reached over 75000 pageviews!
Keep up the good work!!!!!
See ya later!

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