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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Pineapple Buddies

- Check out todays jamaalidays item
- Check out the returning winter coat
- Check out the comic: The Pineapple Buddies
- Learn about seals
Hey jammers!
So yesterday I did end up getting a wacom tablet! I was gonna set it up with my brother today except he got busy with my mom sooooo. I guess I have to wait till tomorrow:) But I might be going somewhere tomorrow like I was suppose to today, but that didn't happen.
I saw sing yesterday so if you are interested in seeing it, it was pretty good. Better than I expected actuallyXD

We were suppose to have a jamaa journal update today, but apparently it isn't coming until january the 1st cause of the member spin?
I kinda forgot what daily topics came on thursday so today we have....
So this is actually gonna be a pretty long post so, lets get started!

Jamaalidays item:
Today we have the snowflake stepping stones!
This also comes with a diamond. 
Hopefully the nonmembers have enjoyed getting diamonds every other day this month!

Daily item:
Today we have the returning winter coat sold in jam mart clothing for 300 gems!
I am glad this item is back!

Here it is on a penguin:

Fun facts about seals:
I have had a recent liking for seals due to a funny video of them so due that we have some fun facts about seals!! Who doesn't love facts about seals? I know I do;)
(Doing a funny seal picture cause I can:P)
1. There are about 30 species of seals
2. Seals live on average around 25-30 years
3. Seals can sleep underwater
4. Seal's whiskers help them detect prey in dark waters
5. Seals believed to have come from land based animals such as bear or otter ancestors
And there you have it! Your fun facts this week ABOUT SEALS!!

Mini comic: The Pineapple Buddies
The Animal Jam Legendary Palooza Presents:
The Pineapple Buddies!
Starring: Swirlshine as Pineapple Buddy #2
Violet86271 as Pineapple Buddy #1

And so it begins...
Once upon a time there were two pineapple buddies named Swirl and Violet.
They were always the best of friends, dancing and making weird, weird noises.

Until one day.
Violet had fell off the cliff and died.

Unfortunately this had made Swirl very sad.
She now had no pineapple buddy left. So she gotten eaten.


Hope you guys enjoyed that comic.
Thank you to swirlshine for helping out:)
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya later!
(Does anyone mind making me a new signature for the new years? Haven't got around to it yet.)

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