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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

let's talk about adventures!

Well that took long enough to upload that pic>:(
- Learn about adventures
- Check out jamaa's latest season switch
- Check out a very cool window
Hey jammers!
Animal jam and blogger haven't been working that good for me these past few days they load and then I have to reload and then I try to upload a picture and it takes like 1000000 stinkin times just to upload!!!!! GOSH IM DONE WITH LIFE!!!!! Just kidding I am not but but I am super mad right now! Then I go on blogger and my post from yesterday didn't upload so you get 2 POSTS TODAY.
Anyways in yesterdays post I didn't have much time to do the topic so I am doing that today as I promised. Its good though cause today is a free post day to talk about whatever I wish so I will do that instead along with the jamaa news! YAY NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ A SUPER LONG POST! And I don't have to type it:)

Daily item: 
OKAY NOW I AM SERIOUSLY TEARING UP CAUSE OF STUPID AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you know MY INTERNET IS WORKING PERFECTLY FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Sorry for my rampage.

Anyways.... If aj doesn't keep stop making me reload.
Today we have the new maple leaf window sold in jam mart clothing for 350 gems!
This item is actually perfect for canadians... If your a canadian like me!!
Its also quite cheap, though I don't' know how big it is. So let's check!
Oh it is a pretty good size. WOO HOO!

Jamaa news:
Oh ya and now blogger is being stupid. I'm sorry guys but if this keeps up I don't know how I will make posts for you guys and play aj:/
This is my jamaa news for today! 
The fall season has joined us in jamaa! So if you can't get onto aj in the next few days your missing out on the great fall season! I love fall and spring, but I love spring more though.

Topic- Adventures:
Today's topic is adventures!
I actually haven't done a topic in so long, but they are kinda suppose to help out new jammers in a way or if you want to learn more about adventures!

What types of adventures are there?
There are 3 types: Normal/underwater, Seasonal and 2D

What are normal and underwater adventures and their types?
Normal adventures aren't really "normal" but I am just classing them as that cause they are the original type. They are adventures where you attack phantoms, collect certain items(tasks), earn prizes and of course defeat phantoms! Water adventures are similar except your underwater and you do different types of tasks. Both adventures have the odd adventure that you help free animals too.

What are seasonal adventures?
Seasonal adventures are adventures that come and switch every season or 1 or 2 months.

What are 2d adventures?
Not to say I have played these much cause I have only done them a few times but from I can see they are 2d and flat unlike other adventures. You collect gems and do tasks and earn a prize at each.


Are adventures nonmember only?
Nope there are a few nonmember adventures so don't worry!
If you are a nonmember don't be sad cause you will nevr get bored of these adventures as they are super fun!

If you have any more questions feel free to comment them down:)

Yesterday's post answer was  The rare phantom necklace so skywatcher indeed got it right!
Lost fairy was very close so I will give her a mini prize!
Don't forget to read yesterdays post even though it was uploaded today!
Thats all for today jammers!
I have a cool post idea for tomorrow if I remember:)
See ya!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the original adventures, I hope AJ brings them back. I might do an interview with Clark Stacey.


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