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Thursday, November 3, 2016

A land theory+update

- Check out the latest jamaa update!
Hey jammers!
I don't know why but people have been annoying me so much lately I seriously get so annoyed:/
Anyways today we have a jamaa journal update even though I am pretty sure we had one last week!
I think last week was the phantom journal.
So lets check it out!

Jamaa Journal:
Page 1
We have the returning pet turkeys to celebrate thanksgiving in the us.

Page 2
Twists and turns is back! I gotta say this adventure is probably one of my favourite seasonal adventures.

Page 3
I really hope this is a new land!

I actually can't wait for these birds. I noticed the video was different from others as in the like way they animated the video.

Page 5
Goats are going travellling. And there was a message from them that says...
"We're going to travel and we might take a boat. So see you later"
Does that mean they are going to travel to a new land that could be coming to jamaa?
We will just have to wait and see!

I rate this update a 7/10.

Okay okay guys this is just a theory but...

Aj changed the design of all the stuff in the map area not the map but.
They could of done it for a new land coming so there is more room to see the new land right?
We have the messages in the bottle which obviously mean something new is coming and they are arriving from an ocean. Right? Right?  Animals always go travelling and the goats are taking a boat this time.... All these clues could lead up to a new land! Now that was just a theory but on the map there is about 4 spaces that are empty. Possibly for a new land right?
I mean when was the last time we got a new land? 2013!!! As far as I know it has been 3 years and in 2 months we will be in 2017. 
I know this is just a theory but who knows.
Comment down your thoughts!
Thats all for today jammers!

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