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Friday, October 14, 2016

Snowyclaw opinioniato

- See todays new item
- Youtuber opinion on snowyclaw
- Make a puzzle
Hey jammers!
So at my school we have a pizza day and my teacher is the one qwho runs it so we usually get left over pizza if there is extra. Anyways so then we did a kahoot on logos which was pretty fun!
You guys probably have no idea what I am talking about right now.
I don't even know if any of you still read this blog since my hiatus like you guys read other blogs and still comment... Anyways... Cause there has been less pageviews and comments but I am sure you guys still do... Anyways lets continue on with the post...

Daily item:
Today we have the new superhero mask sold on jam mart clothing for 500 gems!
This mask is actually kinda cool and different. 
It was also shown in the jamaa journal update yesterday:P

Here is what it looks like on a penguin^^

Okay so today I wasn't really sure what to do an opinion so I thought why not do it on snowyclaw!
I found this picture of her on google images I think its her profile picture but I am not sure.
Anyways so heres my long opinion maybe? 
Okay so to begin with Im not really fond of her much, she's okay in all but she says her blog is hers which it is and she owns but she doesn't post a lot on it if anything its like a few posts a month( I could be wrong on that but thats what I know of) Her blog also overuses !!!!!! Kinda like aj! (Could be wrong on that again too haven't read the blog inawhile). Her youtube channel is good though I don't watch aj youtubers much honestly. Though I feel like her videos are just typical videos every youtuber does? If you know what I mean. I do remember meeting her once on aj not in real life she was pretty nice and kind shes also a great artist too! 
I could be wrong on everything I said in that long paragraph.
PLEASE DON'T GIVE ANY HATE... Or you will permanetly have annoyed me:P

Mini challenge:
Its actually been quite awhile since I have done a mini challenge so I thought to myself... Why not bring it back I mean you guys thought it was fun! Its a very fun thing to do on the blog! 
I think and hope atleastXD
So for today I present you with...
I believe I did one of these in the past so hope you enjoy it here it is!
It'd be cool if in the comments you guys could guess what the animals are unless you know! Well they are one of my favourite animals sooooooo. 
Hope you guys enjoyed that puzzle:)
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. I still check here every day, don't worry!

    1. Oh good! I was starting to miss you and a few others:(

  2. I like Snowyclaw, she isn't my favorite famous jammer but she is a really nice person. I met her at Jam Con. I don't blame her for not writing posts often on her blog as she is in collage. BTW I do still read the blog, i just dont tend to comment


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