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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Contest winners: Swirl, Lostfairy, Harmony

- Check out the New alien attenna mask
- Winners of the latest contest announced
Hiya jammerooooos!
Hey jammers***
Don't understand why  I just made a big deal of correcting the intro? Well sometimes change is good so let us or lettuce change that back to..
Hiya jammerooooos!***
XD! Anyways, sorry for the late post I kinda got side tracked while finishing a chapter in the scorch trials then that turned out to being a few more chapters.. WHOOPS!
Anyways I am kinda dying to get a new membership at the moment just 3 months though since christmas is coming up:P I thought maybe I could put it off till christmas but then theres so much new membership stuff coming out! Maybe I will just put it off we will see!
A_N_Y_W_A_Y_S __ L_E_T_S__G_E_T__O_N__W_I_T_H __T_H_E__P_O_S_T!
I don't know why I did it like that but it looks cool and thats all that mattersXD HEHEHE!

Daily item:
Today we have the new alien attennas sold in jam mart clothing for 650 gems!
This is actually quite different and interesting looking.
I don't really see why you would need it a mask though? Attennas are good to?
Hmm they are still funny looking though which is always good for costumes!

Here is the mask on a bunny:
A bunny who wants its outfit changed!

Contest winners:
This contest was from about a month ago and there was 3 entries I am pretty sure! 
I am not sure if this was the right picture you wanted swirl since you asked awhile back..
I will be posting these on the ajlp art blog after I finish the post! Yes there is an art blog for jammers who want their art posted that they created? But its been totally abandoned but I thought why not post these wonderful entries!
They are all amazing! I won't rate 1st 2nd 3rd.

Entry by Swirlshine:
Not sure if this was the pic you wanted as I said aboveXD

Entry by Canineclaw (harmonypurr9):


Entry by Lostfairy:

These entries are actually sooooooooo amazing! 
Boy, I wish I could draw this good on computers!
Since I am currently nonmember I could send you guys gift when I am nonmember again but I will probably forget so for now I am gonna create you guys something on aj paint! 
Hopefully you guys will like them:)
And lets try to attempt draw you guys something nice a prize...
Sorry if it sucksD:
Here it goes after drawing for about 1 hour!
Im actually really sorry if these do suck! But I tried my best it could of been 100% better probably if I had a lot more time... Maybe? 
But now I present for the winners....
I kinda forgot to put that there was a spiked collar and fang teeth on your arctic wolf. If I had remembered I wouldn't have put the full body... Sorry about that! Hope you enjoy it!

I wasn't exactly sure which animal of yours was your main animal but I thought your deer might of been it cause you use it a lot... If not I am actually sorrry! Hope you enjoy your pic!

I think this is the best one I did but I messed up a bit not knowing how to draw the hat.
Hope you like your pic!

Thanks for entering the contest guys!
Sorry the post was super later it would have probably been posted around 1 hr 30mins to 2hrs ago!
Anyways bye guys!
Hope you enjoyed todays post see ya later!


  1. Aw, thank you Violet!! That picture is awesome, I love it!! :D

  2. You're An amazing artist! Also sorry for not commenting lately.

  3. Wow! I love the drawing!! <3 Thank you! (I'll have to use it as my siggy sometime... :D I needed a new one!)

    Oooh! A prize! Is it a den item or clothing? Because, horror of all horrors, I have NO clothing space and NO den item space. AND my extra account has NO clothing space. D: (AJHQ GIVE US UNLIMITED SPACE PLLLEASSSE! XD) So if you could tell me, I would get rid of something so I have space. ;)

    I'm also really sorry that I haven't commented recently. I read your post and then totally forget to comment! D: I'll make sure I comment more!!

    1. Oh yeah, and my deer is kinda my main animal. (I had no hot clue it would turn out that way when I became a blogger. If I had, I would have been a different animal. XD)


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