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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Drawing contest

Hey jammers!
I was gonna post about an hour or so ago but I got carried away by reading the maze runner.
I started righting down everything that happened in the book so far but then I kinda just threw the paper outXD So I have this post on my wall right? There was a tiny section of paint chipped on it so my poster fell down today and chipped more of it so I had to move it up higher so you wouldn't see the chipped part... Woops:( On the bright side my dad has been talking about repainting the walls and getting new rugs in my room and my brothers cause trust me my rug is like no more rug in some sectionsXD So hopefully my dad doesn't notice the chipped part... I will have to try to hide it some how for now on. Lets see how that goes:/ Though I am actually kinda scared that it will chip more and my dad will kinda get super mad. Like its not my fault:/ Actually I might rearrange a poster with another post that barely falls down instead:)

Today will actually be kinda a short post considering its saturday and I wanna work on the blog more!

Today we have the new pirate ship in a bottle sold in jam mart furniture for 750 gems!
Woo, a bit over priced?
Oh like I said before a tad bit overpriced for an item that probably is super small. Let's check that out!
Oh actually its a normal sized item basically but still it should be a bit cheaper. On the bright side new item series is quite nice.

Blog news
Okay like I said yesterday there will be a lot of blog news in the next few weeks.
So here it is!

Yesterday in the post if you didn't read through blog news thoroughly you were wondeirng why there were bolded letters.
Well if you couldn't unscramble them. It was a contest! This contest is a drawing contest! If you would like to enter you can click the side of the blog for  more details!

Like I said before it was suppose to be a short post.
But tomorrow I will hopefully have some tags and hmmm what else?
I gotta go take a shower now then after work on the blog a bit!
Have a good day or night!
Thats all for today! 
- Violet

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhhhh, a CONTEST! I honestly couldn't unscramble that, because I stink at unscrambling. XD

    I honestly thought that maybe it was a contest today at a random time, though! XD



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