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Monday, July 25, 2016

The globs

Hey jammers! 
I was just at my friends house for a few hours and now Im back! Sorry for not posting this past weekend I was busy playing uno with my familly:). Anyways so last week was it? I made a chalkboard and so I ordered chalk board markers and they are finally coming today! WOO HOO!!!
I know I asked this thursday but no one seemed to comment down suggestions... BUT.. I am taking pages for the blog requests so if you have ideas on pages be sure to comment below!
I was gonna change the layout of the blog posts today but I think I will start that next thursday.
Did I tell you my sis got a giant 5sos poster?

Today we have the rare binoculars sold in jam mart clothing for 1000 gems!
A bit expensive don't you think? I mean they should only be 750.
The colours are okay...
Here is what it looks like on sloths.

I don't feel like im gonna do a redo today... But I will do a few drawings that tell a story.

Violet's drawing
Actually I will drawing a sunset and make a story...
I kinda like this actually. Its a sunset at the water kinda cool eh?

Comic time!
They better work cause I spent like 30$ on them...

Okay so..
Once upon a time there was a big glob and a little glob who met eachother.
Big glob then decides to eat small glob.
Big glob is now happy!

Hope you enjoyed this little story.

Thats all for today jammers!
Gotta test my chalk markers out now.


  1. Nice painting! Also, I love the sloth outfit you did! <3
    XD Your glob story is funny!

    Also, I have no ideas really for pages... Sorry! >.<

  2. XDDDDD, that story!!!!!

    I also am out of ideas. You've got so many great pages that I can't think of any more...yet.
    Merp. :p


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