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Friday, July 22, 2016

The arrival of sloths

Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting yesterday I was at my very good buddy's den for her party (aka naffy).
That was about an hour so I kinda wanted to just stay on AJ and design my sloth which legit took me 30 - 45 mins. Is it me or are they super hard to dress up? Cause I really really really really really really found it hard. But that might just be me...  So today I just spent like almost the whole day playin UNO with my sister. So ya.
Since I didn't post the jamaa journal yesterday here it is! Sorry its a bit late isn't it?

Sloths have arrived! YIPEE! Im so glad they have arrived.
At first when I saw them I didn't think they were that great of a looking animal, but then I they are actually quite cute. They are also 5 diamonds so thats good:)

Humming birds are back along with a new outfit incase you wanna be a princess. I might get it but Im not sure.

Jamaalidays in july are back! Pet reindeers are back for it.

Only a few more weeks for grahams workshop. What adventure comes after that?
And I posted about the player icons the other day how funny?

Cheetahs have left. Kangaroos are returning.

Fun facts about sloths!

A new retail giftcard for meerkats.
The items look cute.

Sorry if this post seemed rushed I have to go! 

Comment below if you have any pages you want to see on this blog?
Im gonna be going through pages so I thought to ask if you guys wanna see any new pages!

Thats all for today jammers! 
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet 

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