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Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hey jammers!
I surprisingly got 80 percent on the science quiz I had the other day when I was for sure I didn't get that...Hmm:) Science is my lowest subject thats why I was surprised. Wow though. 
I made a post on monday but my internet died just as I was about to finish it. Then tuesday I made a post but I forget what happened. I think my internet lost connection again. My internet succcccckkkkss:'( 
Today we have the jamaa journal update! So lets see what is in it!

Page 1
The hyenas are back! It didn't seem like they were gone for to long!

Page 2
Yay the summer carnival is back! It will probably stay here for the next 4 months.
Thats enough time to earn all the prizes!

 Page 3
Explaining you can buy stuff from the summer carnival with tickets and all the cool prizes you can get. We also have a new feature. This feature lets you view what item your gonna get on your animal before you buy it. I personally like this idea but I just wish the design of the shop would stay the same.

 Page 4
Im gonna be honest I had to look on the aj spirit to see how you put this pig together. I have to admit it is quite cute but hopefully it doesn't look that cute...

 Page 5
Polar bears are travelling. Didn't they travel not to long ago?

Okay Okay don't be shocked by the new look its very different and by different I mean different...

Okay so this is what it looks like now.

As you can see when you click on an item you can see the colour options below.
If you zoom in the item then the old image icon pops up of what the items look like. Like the way I usually post the new item.

I like this feature but I wish you could see the old way too. This might also come into a few problems:
1. If you want to see what the items look like on other animals you have to keep existing out
2. If your a blogger who posts the full picture of the item you have to do extra clicks
I rate this feature a 6.5/10

I rate this update 5.5/10

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. At least there's such thing as wild horses and mountain goats, but PIGS in the wild? XD, once they add those cows, it'll be called Barnyard Jam! :1

    1. There are wild pigs. They're called Boars.

    2. Animals are any kind of animal (that made 0% sense but nvm lo\)

      Technically any farmyard animal can go into animal jam because it's ANIMAL JAM.

      I'm still awaiting chickens

  2. And I wish the design stayed the same too D:

    1. Like couldn't they of just added a button that press beside the colour change button that leads you to a different thing?


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