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Sunday, May 8, 2016

AJLP's definition

Hey jammers!
Hope you guys are enjoying the blogs new template. Its one of my favourites that we've ever had. 
Today I finally started reading the maze runner. I got the series for christmas and haven't stared it yet D: until today:D Please no spoilers please please!
Oh thanks for entering the contests if you haven't yet I will extend it longer incase you still wanna enter if not then oh well...

Now to find todays new item:)
I don't think we have a new one actually. I know I miss a couple days a week for the new item so I don't know whether they are new items or old items? Hmmm. Oh well! Maybe this just means tomorrows rim will be super special and unique? Or not. Probably not DX

Blog's definition/understanding
When I made this blog 2 years I had randomly came up with the name Animal Jam Legendary Palooza but surprisingly it actually has some meaning to it! Which is great to know.
So lets see!
Legendary definition
So this is what came up when I searched legendary definition.
So it could either mean so like based on legends? So some examples so like mythical, heroic, or traditional. It could also mean like famous/very well known. So like popular. 
So in conclusion Legendary means so like well known legends which could be of mythological. 

Palooza definition
Palooza is know for a wild/crazy party so basically an amazing party.

The blogs definition
Okay so seeing I've done some research and using formal knowledge.

Legendary palooza means....

Legends which could be of mythicalness and a wild party.
So their you have it. The blogs definition!

This should definitely help me out when creating the blogs logo today!
So maybe a party hat to show party, paw to show wilderness even though it means the other wild, and 1 or 2 mythical creatures so like a dragon and unicorn?

Thats all for today jammers!
Hope you enjoyed this post about the blogs definition:)
- Violet


  1. Enjoy Maze Runner! And that's a cool meaning to your blog's name- can't wait to see the new logo.

  2. Ooo, making a new logo? Can't wait to see it! :D


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