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Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to make a phantom

Hey jammers!
I didn't think I would get a chance to post today because of going to my friends house for a sleepover but its later than expected later meaning in a few hours for me. So ya. I have to have supper before but there like no food in my house:(

Now the main reason of this post is a how to. Today I will will be showing you how to make a phantom cotton cone since I'm sure there are many jammers out there trying know how do I make that phantom those people have?
Well for those who have been wondering....

Step 1:
Choose any coloured cone. Note that white works best but any colour will do!
Then choose the black. 

Step 2:
Wait! Remember don't press done yet! 
Click onto the white and fill your cone up with white.

Step 3:
Now press the black again don't press done.
As soon as you add the black then you can press done!

Now voila! You have your own phantom cotton candy! Isn't that just sweet?
Hope you enjoy eating phantoms!


Doing this phantom means you can have up 3 colours chosen so as long as you do these steps in different colours you could have so many colour possibilities!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
See ya later jammers!

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