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Friday, May 27, 2016

Art den

OMG I am so sorry for not posting this past week... I haven't had much time to make a post but trust me I have 2 great summer carnival posts coming this way in the next few days:) Hopefully you guys accept my apology.. If not I understand but I am here now right? WITH YESTERDAYS EXTRA LATE UPDATE!

Now you can turn your art into an item and trade it, sell it or keep it!
It takes up to 2 weeks to get it approved:/ Who would wanna trade away there own art away though?
Its a pretty cool idea but it'd be cooler if you turn it into a 3d object.

Just explains it... Oh the way the canvas is on the jamaa journal is its new way in the studio.
Its also members only:/ And costs diamonds!

Oh a new den! Now peck has a den! First it was cosmos, then greely's, now its peck! Only 2 or 3 more left:) This den is actually quite nice even though its big.

Hatapalooza is back. Now every hat in jamaa is 50% off only for 2 weeks though.

Polar bears are now gone.... PIGS ARE COMING SOON! Im kinda hoping that the pigs aren't like as  derpy as they seem. It just doesn't seem aj style but they are cute so thats all that matters/.

And some pig facts!

I rate this update a.... 6/10

Thats all for todays jammers!
See ya!

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