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Monday, April 18, 2016

New contests+Giveaway+Party invitation

Hey jammers!
When I got home from school today I really creeped myself out you wanna know why?
Well you see I realized my thumbs were really bendy like they bend to probably around a 50 to 70 degree angle>:) So ya! I ordered a new iPad case so it should be here today since I've been tracking it!

Woah its been awhile since there has been a post on monday! Can't remember the last time I did a rare item monday!

Today we have the rare high heels sold in jam mart clothing for 1000 gems!
Well these are kinda different.....
Especially since they cost 1000 gems! Who pays 1000 dollars for recoloured items?
Hmmm I know I don't:(XD:)>:)

Jamaa news
Ok Im not sure if they have just added this feature or not but.
But you can see that you can erase messages like erase all from the broom button on top and if you put your mouse over the name then you can choose to delete that message.
Again I'm not sure if they recently added this but if not then oh well!

Blog news
Boy we just have lots of news today don't we?
Well you see jammers if there wasn't news updates then... I don't knowXD

Okay so I have been working on some contests plus a giveaway and a party date planned for friday!
If you would like to enter the contests then as soon as you enter this site on the side it will have contests so just click that for more info. I decided to give you guys about 2-3 weeks to enter so if you don't enter thats fine but it'd be nice if more than 5 people entered. These contests are super fun and there is also a giveaway:) 

We also have a party coming up this week on friday you can also see that on the side of the blog and a picture will be posted at the end of each post the days before so don't forget to come! It will hopefully be super fun. If you can't make it then you can still enter the contests to celebrate and join the fun! 
So here is the invitation.

Thats all for today jammers see ya tomorrow!
Have a good rest of your day!


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