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Sunday, February 14, 2016

My youtube

Hey jammers!
Tomorrow is family day for me so I will be doing a couple of things and watching the GRAMMYS!
Yesterday I went to a buffet and the food was delicious! And my sister's bday is this week so we will be going to a fancier restaurant! Tomorrow my nephews are gonna be coming over and than after that we will be going to see DADDY'S HOME! So ya! What do you have planned for tomorrow!

Today we have the new heart jewellery box sold in jam mart clothing for 600 gems!
This is actually a quite nice item in my opinion!
I don't know why but this a awesome item!

My youtube
The time you all have been waiting for...
Here is the link to my first video:
Hopefully that link works!
The editing thing I am using is iMovie!
Hopefully I can find more things to do on it too!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya on tuesday!


  1. Hey Violet!
    I love your channel so far, I'll be sure to subscribe!!
    Have an awesome Valentine's.

    1. Hi! I watched your video, I can't wait for more! Also, do you know any good video recorders ( besides Screencastify) for Chromebooks? I'm thinking of making AJ Music Videos!

    2. Well I use QuickTime since I use Macs but I've heard screencastomatic to be good since many people use iy


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