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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2 greatest features nonmembers have lost

Hey jammers!
I actually have like nothing to say except yah...
I just wanted to say.... Iloppio I haven't seen you in forever and you haven't commented on this blog in awhile I hope your okay. Please be okay:)

Today we have the new snowflake bookshelf sold in jam mart furniture for 600 gems!
This is actually one of the items that was unreleased!
I think its a pretty cool item so I bought it for myself:P

Topic: 2 features nonmembers have lost
Now I know nonmembers lost these 2 features in... Was it 2014? They lost them?
I believe it was actually. 
I will list them in 1 and 2 order. So ya.
These are the features nonmembers have lost for an unknown reason when they shouldn't have.

The first one is.
Not being able to view chat 
Back in the day nonmembers used to be aloud to view recent chat history by clicking the arrow on the top of the chat. Now only members can access the view recent chat history.

My opinion: I think nonmembers should still be able to view chat history because it should be a feature they are aloud to have. It shouldn't be a feature that more then half the population of aj can only use. PLUS: It'd be handy for nonmembers too!

The second and last one.
Not being able to have gifts sent to by members
This is a feature I thought was pretty stupid that they removed to be honest.
Members used to be aloud to send gifts to nonmembers except, the nonmembers wouldn't be aloud to open the gift but they could still keep it.

My opinion: I think that if nonmembers would be able to keep to keep the gifts then one day if they got a membership they could open them and keep them. Well thats the way it used to be and thats the way a lot of people liked it. Also now members are only aloud to send gifts to members.
I mean I can understand nonmembers not being able to accept gifts, but to not be able to receive them is cutting it close.

Like I said before I know they changed this awhile ago but I thought I would post them so newer jammers could see what aj used to be like I mean thats basically the point of topic for it to be a informational segment that will help jammers!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya on thursday with the update!
Wait update already?!
Wowwwwwwwwwww time flies by fast!
Now we will be able to see what the goats look like and they will probably be member and diamonds yay....:(
Bye bye


  1. UGH, yes! The struggle for Nonmembers now is so real.
    I hope things get better for them :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am still alive.

    Don't forget the non free chat thing. (unless your a member)


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