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Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey jammers!
I have a stuffy nose right now:(
Like half my nose is stuffy and the other have isn't.
Its been like that for 3 days. Anyways today we have our new schedule!
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So let's get to it right after the new item...

Today we have the rare bowler hat sold in jam mart clothing for 500 gems!
This is the perfect price! 
The colours are okaaay. Though I feel like we just recently had a rare bowler hat.
Let me check on that! hmm I guess not.

Rim redo 
Thought this tangy orange would be nice! 
With the pink. 2 great colour combinations to make one good one!

So this is just  a llama edit!
Its the outline of my llama. I was trying to get like pink to fill out the white or the middle but I didn't know how on pixlr.
I hope you enjoyed IMAGINATIVE MONDAY today! 
If you didn't see the contest results scroll down a bit to see the post!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet



  1. Omg same! One half of my nose hurts and feels stuffy, while the other half of my nose is fine. Ugh, stupid hay fever (this kinda allergy thing)! >:T

    The edit hat looks bright and cheerful.. like an oramge! Wait, what? X3

    That llama outline thing looks cool! ^o^

    1. Ugh, my fingers are still sweaty for no reason. Meant to say orange.

      ok bye nice post

    2. Arg mine too! Mine's been like this for, idk, a week? It's annoying. Alergies. D:(

    3. Looks like we're all coming down with this sickness. :(

    4. My nose is perfectly fine though.. I think.

  2. I wish they would release a black and purple RIM... Purple and black are my 2 most favorite colors!

  3. I have a stuffy nose too, you aren't alone!! It's been bothering me all day :(


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