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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Duck duck quack quack

Hey jammers!
Im a bit sad right now to be honest:( You wanna know why?
SCHOOL STARTS IN ONE WEEK! I'm super duper sad:(
:'( Please help me!

Today we have 2 new items of the same thing!
We have the aster and aster bouquet sold in tree top gardens for...
Aster: 350 gems
Aster bouquet: 700
I really like these flowers.
They look a bit more fuller than actual asters which give these flowers a nice touch to them!

So yesterday I was on AJ and I was hanging out with naffy.
So we decided to be ducks and go in the pillow room and annoy people for fun:P
Photo creds to Naf
Naffy was a peeps marshmallow duck and I was a rubber duck.
We were both little duck friends XD
When we went to the pillow room we got a few funny responds....
and quack quack 
lol wasnt a respond we got XD 

Violet's drawing
Today I tried to draw the eraser on the erase button.
I did a pretty good job didn't I? Na I didn't. It needs to be more curved and a light pink then it would be PAWFECTO!


Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow:):):):):)


  1. Same here! Happy last week of freedom! we'll celebrate together!

  2. You shouldn't complain. School started on July 27 for me.


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