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Monday, August 31, 2015


Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting yesterday:( My internet was being super duper slow like usual. So I didn't get a chance to post. I hope you all understand!
In other news my most recent contest is ending soon so you better enter it if you haven't already!

Today we have the MOST boringest and ugliest RIM in history...
Call the recoloured square glasses sold in jam mart clothing 650 gem!
Yes these are pretty well super boring. 
And very ugly. Not trying to be rude its just my opinion...
I would of expected a different item but in this case this item shouldn't even cost 650 gems!
It should be more like 500 gems.

Rare item monday redo
Now be prepared to see today's rim turn into something awesome!
See what I mean? I even changed the price and name. 
Becauz I got SKILLZ yus I got skillz.

Mysterious monday mystery
Last weeks mystery was super tough! 
No one guessed it right soooooooo....
Im sorry for always forgetting to say who won and giving the prize and saying what the land was.
Comment the exact location of this item for a chance to win a prize!

Mini challenge
Before I put the mini challenge...
Does anyone have any mini challenge ideas to do?
If so please comment them down!
In todays mini challenge you will have to guess the blank word for each sentence...
Bunnies love to eat ________ and _______.
Animal jam legendary palooza is the ________ blog ever.
I like to dig up _______ from the ____________ because it is _________ fun!
AJHQ is the________________.
No answer is right or wrong. You can make answers funny or sad or dumb or anything you like.
But not to inappropriate please:) 
I will do it and try it out...

Bunnies love to eat honey and mustard.
Animal Jam legendary palooza is the best blog ever.
I like to dig up frogs from the pond because it is not fun.
AJHQ is the laofdhfndbculdsncdlsfhcc grass?

I hope you enjoyed this challenge!
I think its about time for a schedule change. Im running out of ideas for some topics:(
And I need to change this blogs template too!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Hay, treats, Swaggest!!!111!!!,

  2. Bunnies love to eat cupcakes and burgers
    AJ Legendary Palooza is the best blog ever
    I like to dig up dinosaur bones from the bottom of the lake because it is weirdly fun!
    AJ is the best game ever

    :DD And the MM is in Jam Mart Clothing!

  3. Bunnies love to eat turtles and their teeth

    The Animal Jam Legendary Palooza is the most Lagundary blog eva yo.

    I love to dig up black bananas from my garden because it is supafridgestickcalidociously fun.

    AJHQ is actually that turtle that the buny ate.

  4. Bunnies love to eat fish and chips and other bunnies

    The Animal Jam Legendary Palooza is the most supafridgestickcalidociously best blog ever!

    I love to dig up dirt because it is yummy and absolutely amazingly weirdly awesomely freekily fun.

    AJHQ is amazingly bad at noticing glitches.

    Extras for other people:
    I love AJ because __________________!
    Bananas are _______________ because ________________.
    This is very weird because I am ____________
    and sometimes very very ____________!
    This blog is ________ because _________ and stuff!
    I keep using explonation marks because ___________!
    AJ should make ________ to be happened more often, and this is because___________.
    I am very not talented at ______________ but I am very talented at _________.

    My turn!
    Extras for other people:
    I love AJ because of my buddies!
    Bananas are delicious because they just are
    This is very weird because I am weird
    and sometimes very very awkward!
    This blog is superb because it's amazing and stuff!
    I keep using explonation marks because it's really fun!
    AJ should make hiting three diamonds on the daily spinto be happened more often, and this is because I haven't got diamonds from the daily spin since AGES.
    I am very not talented at sport but I am very talented at


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