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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sketch hat

Hey jammers!
Yesterday I broke my sketching pencil by accident:( My knee went on it with out knowing it was there:(
Then last night my cat was with me I woke up to the noise of a cat having a fur ball and there was wet stuff on my pillow. And it smells like cat food that was throw up. Anyways I don't wanna look at u pillow I'm really disgusted:/ Not impressed with my cat who is on me right now:)

My opinion

My favourite aj animal is hmmmmm....
I don't know if I have one but I like the snow leopard, arctic wolf and bunny a lot.
I like all animals. They are just soooo cute and do the cutest moves:)

I'm gonna do my favourite den item and clothing item.
My favourite den item is cami's frog.
The reason is because there is such a great story behind cami's frog.
And I like frog it took me forever to get it :P

My favourite clothes item: 
I don't think I actually have one but the aviary helmets I think they are called look super cute on cheetahs!

My bee styled penguin

I must say I pretty darn like it.
My penguin is just much cuter:)

Today we have the new old tophat sold in jam mart for 700 gems!

Um well first of all I think this should be for nonmembers.
Second of all it's a bit pricey for an old top hat.
And third of all I don't really like it.
But on the positive side it's not girly:)

That's all for today jammers!
Don't forget to enter the contest!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. SO THAT'S WHY YOU DIDN' ANSWER ME. I saw you online just then, you were just standing there and I said Hapy Birthday. Unfortunatly, my mum confisticated my phone so I can't make an alarm for your bday party. I am just hoping that the party is 5:00 PM rather than AM. Or I probably wont come waaaaaaa. I am iLoppio33 on my mum's phone lazy to log in. Also, you can check out mah bee clan at my den :3

    1. I got my phone back now. Hehehe..

  2. Can I please make a graphic of that penguin. It's so kawaii

  3. My fav AJ animals are either Arctic Wolves, Bunnies, Snow Leopards, or Cheetahs, I like big cats and dogs :D

    Favorite den item would be the Gazebo or the new Ferret Couch! And my favorite clothing item is Rare nerd Glasses, they look cool, lol! :D


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