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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Contest achieved

Hey Jammers!
Sorry for no post yesterday, it was a electronic free day again!
Yay:( By the night I was laying on bed with boredom for atleast around 2hrs:P.
By the title of this post you can tell that the contest is ready for entering!
Just go to the contest page and start entering!

Ok so like I promised last weekend we would continue the my opinions this weekend:)
So let's start!
My opinion

I like to collect rares and betas. 
It's not that rares matter much to me it's just it's fun to collect super rare items?
I don't like how a bunch of people need rares! Like really?!?! It's just an item!!
Scammers need to stop stealing rares:/
So yah...

Iloppio got swag:P

Got skillz:()()()()()()()()()()

Cool/cute pics

Like I promised at the beginning of the week or something I would should my emoji pillow.
It costed 7 dollars so there's a few things off about it but then again it was cheap so what you expect?

I've been meaning to add my IG art page to this blog. Should do that today!
Today we have the new Opal necklace sold in epic wonders for 800 gems!

Woopsy forgot to crop oh we'll.
I like this necklace though hopefully they add all the other birthstones cause I'm pretty sure an opal is a birthstone.

I've been meaning to make a new belle the rhino issue. 
I edited the template for it the other day. Soooo ya.
I need to make it an adventure so any suggestions would be used.
Thanks! Also it's gonna be from Belles point of view for now on the image layout will be the same I think just the talking from the plushie will be like Breadstick. 

That's all for today Jammers!
See ya tomorrow:)



    For Belle, try adding Greely Jr.'s mom and give Belle a sibling

  2. Make someone DIE. It makes it more dramatic ya'know. Just make sure something big happens just before the character dies.


    Opinion on Rares and Betas: Same as you. They are cool and all, but really scammers, do you need a pixelated item that bad?

    Opinion on Iloppio33: Same again! She made me a siggy like yours, only its my wolf, its adorable :)

    Opinion on myself: AWESOMEST PERSON EVA!! XD!

    Idk if I was supposed to answer those but too late now! Hehe!

  4. On your birthday party, can you make a Bday Chat post? Since AJ's chat is so ridiculously strict, it's so we can have more freedom chatting to each other. Of course, we will still talk in AJ too.

    1. I already have a chat on the bottom of the blog

    2. I am iLoppio33. The chat will be strictly for the party, also I find the chat thing confusing.


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