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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lynx's workshop achievement update

Hey jammers!
Im gonna have to try to speed through this post and make it amazing. Cause in 30-60 minutes my uncle will be here to pick us up soooo ya. Anyways today is the jamaa journal update day!
The jamaa journal was late once again. I wish they were early like they used to be:(

On the first page of the jamaa journal we have grahams workshop as a new adventure!
This adventure is for all jammers!
Its on the party list so it may not stay forever probably about a month or so.
I really hope they make an adventure that stays:)
All you have to do is collect materials and make them into a lot of items!
This should hopefully be fun.

The second page is we have the play wild announcement to remind us that it has been fully released in every country on iPad!
If you click the iPad it will show a video.
One thing in the video is unreleased like the castle den if you noticed.
I got this when it first came out in canada. The app takes up a lot of space to warn you but its worth it!

On the the third  page we have the returning snow leopards and the back to school party!
The snow leopards have arrived after there short travel and came back with a mini book.
There is a back to school party. Im thinking maybe the party in the den will be a new den?
Hopefully this doesn't remind people of how much they hate school and never want to go back again:/

On the fourth page we have new lynxes coming to jamaa soon!
I have to admit these lynx are pretty darn cute.
I can't wait to get one! In the video it shows a lynx with a nonmember animal the bunny.
If you have noticed every diamondshop animal has had a video with a member animal.
This could mean the lynx will be nonmember!!!! The video is pretty funny though.

On the fifth page we have an updated achievements page!
I actually really like this new look I will post a picture at the end of this post.

On the sixth and final page we have a new wild explorers video and a pet bee reminder!
This is the fourth wild explorers video and this time it is about bees.
You only have 2 more weeks for the pet bees! I wish they stayed permanently cause nonmembers will only have one pet now again:(

I rate this jamaa journal lets see....
6.8/10 or 7/10

Today we have the returning dog plushies sold in the summer carnival for 750 or 1500 tickets!
Im glad these have returned I don't exactly have much of a description.
Sooo these are cute pup pie thingamabobbers XD.

Now lets take a look at the new achievement layout!
I really like this layout its super helpful.
I hope they make more achievements one day!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya on monday!

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