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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hey jammers!
I felt sleepy today and then now I don't. 
I kinda wanna do like no schedule but post every day with like I don't know. 
Just to make posts more interesting. But I'm not sure yet I still need time to think.
Tomorrow there may be no post but I am hoping to do a bit earlier post for tomorrows jamaa journal update, since my uncle is picking me, my sister and brother up at 5. Ill try to fit in a post if not then there won't be any post friday, saturday or sunday. Since remember I am camping those 3 days?

Today we have the returning sugar glider sold in the summer carnival for 750 or 1 500 tickets!
You choose!
Small: 750
Big: 1500
Im glad they are bringing these plushies back.
The new ones are the cutest things you could ever see. Like they look like sassy sugar glider XD.
A sassy sugar glider?

Music time
Today I will be singing a random homemade song please enjoy!
This song is called bjhfjhdfhksjdyiue,hfdsnbc I just snorted.

Hope you enjoyed todays randomness:P

Thats all for today jammers!
Remember to enter the contest and see ya tomorrow! (hopefully. If not tomorrow then monday)

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