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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Animal jam on the news

Hey jammers!
Today I slept in yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today we have the returning gold chain necklace sold in jam mart clothing for 800 gems!

Yes!!!! I predicted right:3 
The member version came out today. 
It may be member but costs 200 more gems! 

AJ news
For those who haven't heard, animaljam was on the news because of a video that was posted 3 years ago in 2012. 
It featured lilacpetal and Aparri making out and having s**
Yup this was when animaljam didn't have the safest chat.
So the other day a mom got mad seeing this video and reported it to the news.
Animal jam is now on the news because of something happened 3 years ago.
I am totally against this. Here is the link: 
Firstly, this was 3 years ago. The chat is much safer now as you can only say the most simple words.
You gotta admit it's much safer with chat than it was 3 years ago.
Secondly, if animaljam got sued. They couldn't get sued since the video was posted 3 years ago.
Thirdly, if the mom is soooo mad why couldn't she contact AJ not the news.
Everyone I know is against this totally. I haven't watched the video yet but I will later today...
So ya.... 

Cool/cute pics
Remember earlier in the week when I said I would post my fox sticker book thing from play wild?
Will here it is now.....
I know this isn't cool or cute but it's more dumb then anything XD Just saying.

I have to admit I quite like this more than the one with the snow leopards.
It's not as dumb as the snow leopard one see?

Ta da!!

That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. I think you're misinformed, you didn't watch the video, so...
    Lilac and Aparri were in the news video, but they weren't the wolves doing the inappropriate things. The inappropriate wolves were these nonmember wolves from a "mating" video made in 2012. The news video also showed the general game of AJ (like how Jammers trade items and such), and they put up a video in the news video showing one of Lilac's YouTube videos (the one where she traded Aparri). They just used Lilac's video showing what Jammers typically do on the game- trade.
    So yeah...

  2. lilacpetal put up a video about this. If the mom was so concerned, she should put AJ in a lawsuit. Maybe the girl shouldn't have gone into the Pillow Room if she knew that was going to happen. (sorry i just saw lilacpetal's video, not this video. I will later)

  3. I agree with the mom. Animal Jam does have a pretty horrible community. But what popular game doesn't? And even the video was posted 3 years ago, the same things still happen all the time around Jamaa.

    I believe that the mom made some great points in that video, but Animal Jam itself has more pros than cons. If you don't like what Animal Jam has to offer, then don't allow your kids to play it and don't make such a big fuss.

  4. No! I can't believe it! That video was made 3 years ago too? Why is this all even happening if it was # YEARS AGO!? I'm a little freaked out. What if AJ shuts down?! I hope not! Why am I thinking about all these 'what if's... I shouldn't do that. Let's just hope this blows over.

    Nafaria, you are right, there are people on AJ that are, um...let's just say 'unpleasant'. You are also right again about what game doesn't! I think the mom should be mad at the 'mating' people though, not Animal Jam. Animal Jam does not control everyone, those wolves controlled their own actions. And, right again Nafaria, don't play AJ if you are gonna complain about it. Again let's hope this blows over fast.


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