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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The AJHQ babble

Hey jammers!
Today is a bit of an early post cause I need to get some things done around my blogs.
So I thought to go on earlier cause of that and because I might have to go off earlier today so ya.
Hope you like the new blog template!

Today we have the new "old" water pump sold in jam mart furniture for 750 gems!
I think this is kinda pricey for a pump. Well I guess its old so we have to understand that.
I'm gonna make a funny joke about this or something like that?
Why is this old? It's obviously new it came out today. Duh.  
Sarcasim. Hahahaha XD.

Violet's drawing
So um this is my um fail drawing of my kangaroo which I ugh forgot to draw the items except the head items. I don't like this! Why did I bother to post this its soooo ugly. DX :(.

I know every has wondered this but..
Aj has a ton of staff that can't even come up with great ideas and do actual responses.
They are just to lazy.
Why do you think AJHQ is so lazy?
Comment down below!

Today I have some randomness on ajhq.
This is probably how life is at ajhq..

Worker: Ugh boss I got an email what do I say?
Boss: Just say if you have any ideas find a purple question mark in jamaa.
Worker: Got it okay!

Worker: Time to upload a thing on aj that will be so useful and make it member only for money!
But I'm to lazy to lazy so ill just add another feature instead like free chat.
AJHQ AND WORKERS:  Being lazy is soooo stinking awesome:)

Look at this guys....
It says play wild is for iPod and iPhone too not just iPad.
Though right now its only for iPad.
Hmm AJ why you lie? Unless it is for iPod and iPhone right now?

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
Also does anyone know how to crop images on blogger?
If so please comment below!


  1. I like your kangaroo! I couldn't even get the head right at all if I tried, and their body shape is so weird.

    About cropping images, there is an option at the top of your editor (where you can change text boldness, etc.) and it should say image size. It might appear if you click the image, too, while it is inside of the editor. You can choose from small/medium/large and it's helpful.
    If you meant cropping images, I usually just do that on my computer before I upload the image. Use a photo editor, most computers have a built-in one that's already installed. :-)

    Have a great week!

  2. It is 12:59 am at the time I am posting this.


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