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Friday, July 3, 2015

Fire fire works!

Hey jammers!
Did you enjoy yesterdays small enjoyable, funny post? I hope you did!
Tomorrow may have no post but it probably will I also will not be posting on sunday since I am at party tomorrow which is a sleepover but there is a small chance there will be a post on sunday so keep your eyes open:)

Today we have 2 new items not to many which is grrrrrrrreat and thats a positive now lets look at these very cool items.
Firstly we have the disguise glasses sold in the summer carnival for 1850 tickets.
These are really um great for disguise I guess. 
I actually really like these I need to get myself a pair and be a disguise RANDOM IDEA POPPED UP IN MA HEAD THEY ARE PERFECT FOR SCAM CATCHING IF YOU WANNA STAY UNDERCOVER! Ikr guys great idea:):):) 

Now the other new item we have today is the mira firework sold in the freedom party for 400 gems!
This actually doesn't look like mira but close enough
I thought that the firework prices are pretty reasonable unless your someone like me who spends gems quite a bit but to much.
Now I'm gonna show the other fireworks we have this year. Notice they haven't had returning ones yet lets hope those return.

 As you can see we have the panda, zios and the tiger. 
I don't exactly celebrate freedom day really cause I am not in the U.S. I celebrate Canada day! 
So I saw fireworks on wednesday. But I guess I celebrate a tiny bit on AJ to show some spirit.
Which is always great! Hehehe!!!!! 
Oooh but I do not show my inner spirit or that would be creeeeeppy.
New belle the rhino post coming soon!

Mini challenge
I am trying to think of a mini challenge right now hmmm.
Lets see should I do games?
I should do drawing!
Today you shall express your feeling some how..
Which you will now find out...
Okay so my mini challenge this week is different.
So go to the art studio in jamaa draw a face that expresses how your feeling then turn that into a picture I am feeling pretty happy right now since I've had a pretty good day besides that I had to weed which I hate. Then take a screenshot. I don't know how you will give this to me but somehow I would like you to give a link to your picture in the comments. 
So after you have made your picture tell me about why you are feeling that way in particular.
If you can't find a way to link the picture then tell me what you drew and why you are feeling that way.
 Hope you guys can try to do this? If you have a blog then you can post it on there then give me the link to the post.

Fun facts about llamas
I figure since we just got llamas why not post some facts about them since they are so cute!
Im gonna now post a picture of the what the topic is on..
If you didn't know what a llama is here is what it looks like:

 1. Llamas can hold up to 75 pounds on there back 
2. If a llama has an issue with another llama it will stick its tongue out or spit on the other llama.
3. Baby llamas are called crias 
4. Llama dung(don't know what that is I think poo) is fuel and a fertilizer.
5. Llamas can go as fast as 35mph.
Well there are your facts!

I feel like this post is getting super long some how. I mean I've always wanted a good sized post not to long not to short.

Future items
Todays unreleased future item is the mace tail this is the mace tail.
The mace tail became unreleased last summer I believe and was shown on 7.
Here is what it looked like on 7.
Unfortunately it was deleted but will most likely be an item in the future!
Photo creds to whoever owns this pic and the other mace tail pic.
Well thats all for today jammers!
See ya sometime in the next few days but for sure monday!


  1. Please be my buddy in both AJ and in Play Wild. My username is OceanEclipse1001. Also, I'm going to make my very own plush comic series, and I am going to add Ruby and Greely Jr in it, what kind of personality would they have? And what would they be like at school? I need this info. Thanks.

    1. ^ Are ya gonna reply to that?
      Oh and I saw you, remember? :3

    2. Greely should have a dark side and be evil in the comic and Ruby should be a brave plushie. And you mean saw eachother on playwild right?


    4. And Ruby from your comic. But I also meant, what subjects would they be good and bad at. And would they be prom queen or class clown or something. Sorry if tgis is too much work.

    5. I don't think there is a ruby in my comic.. GREELY jr and ruby can visit but they can't be permanent characters. Cause that's basically stealing characters with out permission and you didn't ask.. Sorry if that sounded rude

    6. Oh. Well I forgot the rhino's name. Can I use your characters? I will givve you credit, I just thought it'd be fun and nice to use some other characters from other plushie comics. They were going to be school students.

    7. I made a new email if you were wondering, like my new name?

    8. BELLE the rhino. (sorry, I commented on my phone and I was thinking of alphas)

    9. No they can only visit once in awhile that's called stealing and I've said only visiting so if you don't listen I'm gonna get super mad:/

    10. Can they visit like how you made Blu visit? (that means not just once, but maybe a few time) Also, I still need to know how they would do at school. I won't let them be permanent characters but sometimes, ya know when something goes amok, they can help, is that ok

      Oh and I still need to know how they would do at school.


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