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Monday, July 6, 2015


Hey jammers!
If you didn't read my latest post from friday it said I wouldn't be posting on the weekend.
Also its your last chance to enter the plushie challenge so rules are your den can only HAVE PLUSHIES AND NOTHING ELSE. You got a month and all the info you need to enter is 
Username and status. We have only gotten 2 entries so if you would like to enter please do so now.

Today is actually a nice and different rare item monday for once.
It is the freedom fruit hat sold in bahari bargains for 750 gems!
I actually like this item, its underwater which we don't usually get plus its actually not recoloured which is like AWESOME! But have you ever noticed that all the rare item mondays are 750 gems?
Like whats up with that? Its actually kinda funny in  a way...

Rim redo
There isn't actually much I can do for a redo since its freedom colours.
But we can redo my face......
See lets take a look... Also I noticed fridays post was super long like I thought it would be.
First I was happy now IM MAD TO DEATH!

Mysterious monday mystery
I don't think anyone commented on last weeks picture so I won't say who won.
It actually looks like poo hehe poo.
Comment the exact location for a prize!

Mini challenge
I'm running out of ideas for mini challenges and I always say give some suggestions except no one ever does so if I don't get suggestions anymore then we will have to replace mini challenge with something else so please if you have suggestions comment them below.

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!



  1. It's Greely's old, squished poop in the Summah Carnival. Q.Q Yurk

  2. I suggest that..You can alao do close ups on den items too maybe.

  3. Did you get my Plushie Challenge entry?

    Also, some ideas for mini challenges are: art contest, guess-the-animal (give a few traits of an animal and ask for people to guess it) and maybe a riddle? That wasn't very helpful, was it? XP

  4. How about a mini challenge about how many gems you can get in 5 minutes or something? Just an idea :P

  5. And i'm guessing Summer Carnival as well.


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