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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Plushie lights

Hey jammers!
Tomorrow I will not be posting because I'm sleeping over at my friends today so ya...
Today we have the new carnival lights sold in the summer carnival for 1000 tickets!

These lights are actually pretty cool!
They seem very lightful for nonmembers.
They are also for nonmembers yay!
Though you probably already got that nonmember part:)

Plushie challenge

Ok I know it's not exactly June yet but like a day or 2 till June.
So for the month or June I will be having a plushie challenge.
In this plushie challenge you will have to fill your den with as many plushie said as you can!
I will be checking weekly on the weekends to see the progressing. Though your plushie dens must have only plushies. So if you would like to join comment the form down below and you will start anytime though forms are due this weekend no later.

Username: gloopgoes
Status: nonmember 

And ya once Monday comes you can begin you have all of June.
Which reminds I should change the blogs template...
Well I'll be doing it too. 
So that's all for today jammers!
See ya Monday? 


  1. Cool, I will try that challenge! See you soon Violet!

  2. Hey, my user is jaggarpup. I would like to ask you if you could tell me how my den looks. (Also I am on whenever I can pretty much so I like to trade feel free to trade me.) Thanks you! -jaggarpup


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