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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Carnival apology

Hey jammers!
I'm extremely sorry for not posting the past 4 days the thing is will I have a few reasons
So firstly my moms laptop shut down so my brother has a newer laptop that he got for free(long story) as a back up.
And it doesn't have Adobe so I couldn't play aj.
On Monday I was busy with homework. Tuesday I was busy with homework. Wednesday I was busy with homework today I'm posting from my iPad btw which was laggy like crazy. So I'm really sorry I feel really guilty that I didn't tell you guys sooner. 
You wanna get mad fine but I was just really busy. So ya it's also late post so sorry for that. Now my sis is letting me use her laptop to play aj yay!
Today we have a jamaa journal update so let's take a look!

The summer carnival has returned it's a bit different then last year because t here is a bouncy castle and s campfire place. 
The new loading screen have to do with summer carnival.

Yay more new prizes will be coming all Summer long HOPEFULLY DEN ITEMS.
AND PLUSHIES. More best guess questions have been added. Does aj really have to put that in the jamaa journal? It's been in the jamaa journal for like the past month...

Oh cool a new theatre in appondale just to see all of AJS videos. 
That's actually pretty nice of them.

Aww no otter are gone:( But a new animal is coming?
Can you guess what it is?
It's a llama.

You can find it in the canyon pathway. 
And remember the leaked llama pic? Will now you know what it looks like.
The front legs better not be stupid looking or else I die.

Oh and just a reminder!!!!! Erm phantom games in the carnival is soooooooo frustrating I'm gonna kill them!!!
Now let's looks at the new item....

Returning lawn chair sold in jam mart furniture for 150 gems!
That's all for today jammers!


  1. Hey Violet, glad you came back! Oh, and, I am SO SORRY if this sounds like I am rushing you or something ( I'm trying not to) but do you think you know when my banner might be done? Thanks, and I appreciate you making one for me! JAM ON!

  2. Hopefully this weekend I'm going to my friends house so it all depends

  3. Poor phantoms, they get dunked, darted, eaten, (as fairy floss) and loads more, it's just pure torture for those poor, poor phantoms. Why can't the cafnival be a place for all to congregate?! Includind phantoms mind you.


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