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Monday, April 27, 2015

Cheaper jeepers creepers

Hey jammers!
Today we have the once in a life time cheap rim called the recoloured football  helmet sold in jam mart clothing for 650 gems!
Its not to bad. But really aj? Recoloured item every time! 
But thank goodness its cheaper than usual instead of like 1 000 000 gems!
I can't wait to the day when an RIM is not recoloured and costs 1000 000 gems.

Rim redo
A jammer sent me a jag and was like im feeling good today so here you go.
She gave me a horse plushie... People these days are just plain, simple weird.
And now coral canyons is packed solid. Interesting...
Boy is it me or does it seem like we haven't had a redo in awhile?
Anyways heres my fail redo! 
Everyone be like its so fab.
I be like you know it sucks right? 

Monday mystery
Now as you can see this is a whole in a tree specifically made by a wood pecker.
:O a wood pecker you say?!
Yes a wood pecker!!!!!!!!!!
Though this is probably the easiest one we have ever had. Oh well.
Hope I didnt scare you or did I?
Mwahahaha. Well you do know im evil right?
So don't be surprised.
Comment now I say comment the exact location for a chance to win a prize!

Mini challenge
Well I haven't really planned todays challenge out... Just decided it would be with a a game...
So just play this game 10 times. 
Time yourself how long you took!
Then comment.

Thats all for today jammers!

But just when you thought the post was done....


1 comment:

  1. SAREPIA THE HOLE IS IN SAREPIA! Yay I guessed it, Lol! And... wow... that IS an...interesting... helmet...
    Sorry, its okay, I would prob suck at making football helmets myself. Prob even more than u! OMG, I'm SO SORRY if that sounds rude, I am REALLY not trying to be mean! Please don't be mad, please!


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