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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sorry sewer

Hey jammers! 
I am super sorry for the lack or posting this winter season! I guess its because my mom needs her computer a lot in the winte month and thats when it's least availible . But don't worry I have not forgotten about my favourite jammers!
So today we have the animal jam sewer sold in jam mart furniture. 
I honestly do not know why we have this item. To be honest I think there is no point of this item because number 1, we do not have a sewer, and number 2 there is not point for this item! 
Its o sold for 350 gems! I guess its worth it...
Out fit of the week
So today I decided to make a nonmember outift with a nonmember animal! Yipee!

What it has..
Ribbon scarf
Weaved shoes(if thats what they are caled)
Bow and arrow
head flower
You don't have tp use purple I just used puplre because i love purple its my favourite colour. So rmember it could be ornge or yellow or green or whatever colour uyou'd like. It also can be a different animal too!
I hope many nonmembers can see this
Daily explorer
Woah how big is a giant squids eye? Thtas actaully a good question. I never thoguht of it until today. LOL! To find out watch the video because I don't watch videos on DE!
Blog ideas!
So my first idea is 
So I will just lsit them like this...
- A contest for 15 00 page views because we have gotten 15 0
00pageviews except I need some contest ideas. So if you have any ideas please comment them! 
- Making 2 new pages for nonmembers and members den ideas and outfit ideas
- I also am creating a support this movement thing 
- Also making a new postin schedule 
- I might also be restarting the jammer of the month because I have been not keeping track of the jammer of the months and not really doing them so ya. And implus it'll be a fresh start to 2015 except 2015started a few weeks ago soo.. um ya hehe

I think thats it! I know its a lot but hey we want this blog to become bigger for more jammers to explore more of the world of jamaa and leanr about it! 
Also I hope you guys haven't thoguht that I abanded tis blog because I havent been posting much. Please don't leave even if I have been lack of posting because remember wat I said in this earlier post today?
I want to know if you guys stil like this bog and haven't left because of posting.
If so I will start t feel really guilty:(

Wow a lot of talking tpday:)
But to end this post I have something to show you guys! Its non aj related soo idk
Its minions as %SOS my sis found this yesterday and showed it to me. And you guys know how I am super obssed with them right? Well ya. I should update my blogger profile. 
Thats all for today jammers!

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