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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jamming journal

Hey jammers!
I completely forgot today was the jamaa journal update!
I hope you enjoy the newest update!
Wow when I first saw this I was like... OMG a new adventure!!! YAY!!! But then I read the fine text on the left side and it was a new for nonmembers that is like always sold in the diamond shop!
Excuse my language.
Friendship armour! It looks super duper cool. But again diamond shop.
Yay a friendship party! And you know what sucks? My membership expires on valentines day:( What a great valentines gift. HEHE
Yay the owls look so cute! The video at the end of it the owl and the penguin fall in love<3 
The sketch jam video is a great idea if you wanna draw Mira!
Awww! I was looking so forward to this. But wait!!! The AJ mobile app is in beta testing right now. When do you think it will come out? Beta testing lasts about  month to 2 months which means it should hopefully be released in Febuary or early march.
With this update aj happened to release 3 new jamagram cards to select from!

They are so cute!
Now with todays newest item!
Actually a few new items just in the Valentine's spirit!
We have a rose table. Hey pink chest I thought you were rare and a beta? Why did you decide to come back? And the heart throne thing.
Heart throne: 400 gems
Pink chest: 175gems
Rose table: 450gems

I flower crown! I think this is super cute! 
Sold for 650 gems! Wow super pricey.

Thats all I have to post for today jammers!
Might post on scam watchers society and JSD and another blog which I forget what its call :(
Have a great day!


  1. When I first saw the Jamaa Journal, I thought it was a new Adventure too. Oh well. XP


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