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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hey jammers!
Todays new item is the egyptian rug sold in jam mart furniture for 
Im so glad this item is nonmember! It looks super cool do you think its an amazing flying carpet? I think it might be? 

Ok I know this isn't random but still I have figured out something!!!!
Ok so if we get about 1000 views per week and we are at about 6000 views that means in 4 weeks will will have 10000 views! So if you want 10000 views in 4 weeks or more you gotta keep viewing and spreading the word!!!!!!!

Wonder time!!!
What is the mystery behind this crack of deep blue?
Could it mean that theres lava?
That phantoms come out of here secretly?
There was an earthquake?
Comment what you think

Violets drawing...
Today I draw you an otter!

Yes I know its a bit messed up but thats a ok!!!!

And lastly I leave you with the daily explorer post!

Daily explorer!
Such a long post LOL

Well thats all for today jammers! Remember to spread the word about AJLP and comment as much as you can!


  1. It's sea floor spreading - a process that happens at mid-ocean ridges where new oceanic crust is made.
    I know, I know, I'm a genius.

    1. Cutepups522 (not signed in)September 10, 2014 at 9:06 PM

      I learned about sea-floor spreading too! I think it's when new oceanic crust is made, the older crust moves off to the sides. And then there are the boundaries. One of them's called a divergent boundary. :3

      Why am I talking scientific-like? Ugh. I should like totally finish my homework now. Ugh, school! ^n^

      PS: for these past few days, I've been to busy (and lazy too XD) to sign into Blogger. And yes, it is still me. Hehehe. x3

  2. I have an otter drawing too ^.^!


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