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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting an otter!!! New schedule :)

Hey jammers! 
Before I start with todays new item I have a few things to say...
First I know this is kind of late cause I said i would make a new schedule a few weeks ago but I never had time and was to lazy so anyways here it is 

Monday: mystery, rim redo, violets drawing
Tuesday: Epic dens, outfit of the week
Wednesday: Wonder, randomness, violets drawing
Thursday: Trivia, jamaa jounals, shout outs
Friday: Friends, JSD update, violets drawing
Saturday and sunday: Item updates
Note: Belle the rhino is random times Jamaa journal updates every other thursday :)

Anyways todays new item is the cat statue sold in jam mart clothing for 450 gems!
I wonder why the items are so shiny? I love the shiny look! This cat is very interesting. If you look at the symbols on the bottom it might be a message is it a message? What do you think?



Outfit of the week...
Look at this awesome phantom outfit?????????????

I dont wanna get an epic den remember if you have an epic den send it to violet86271aj@gmail.com remember it has to be a screenshot with the user of the den and who its from :)

Anyways chow!!!!!!!

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  1. You've been nominated by me to post 20 random facts about yourself! Make sure that when you post them you nominate 2 more different people!
    See my blog for the post where I nominated you.


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