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Friday, August 29, 2014

High top fman JOTM

Hey jammers!
Todays new item is the high top sneakers sold in jam mart clothing
Price: 400
Fashion: 6/10
Popularity: 80/100
Altogether: 86/100
These high tops are pretty nice though maybe they could have more patterns? Notice how they have a paw on them? I think thats super cute it shows your love of animals

Daily explorer
Apparently ajhq had a code camp! Wow I wish I went to it but I don't even live in utah so that wouldn't really work out:(


Ma bootiful bunny
Yes I know its not the best:(

If fman isn't real?
I thought of this the other week there is rumours that fman is real there is some that he isn't real now if he isn't real and hes just a rumour a I have a story for that so I will begin....

So fman122 was julian2's friend and fman told julian to make a video about him (fman) that he sends mail with a present and it says thanks for playing with me and the jam a gram was glicthed so when you open it your computer gets a virus and you get hacked...
So of course julian2 made a video and posted it to youtube and from there everyone watched the video and believed fman122 to came to be
Thats what I think the story of fman is if hes just a rumour...

Jammer of the month sign ups
Sadly the month august is coming to an end:( Which means school is starting for me on the 2nd of september:( I have mixed feelings about school starting... Lets get back to the topic anyways..
Have you ever wanted to be shown on a blog for 1 month? Well nows your chance! Just comment your

And thats all!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day and see you in jamaa!


  1. Username: coolpapa70232

    Reason: I love this blog I've known Violet since the Anonymous debate on the Animal Jam Sky Blog I've just wanted to be jammer of the month ever since i've found out about it



  2. User: wessie 4chu
    Status: member
    Reason: I would love to be featured on this blog! I was potm on the aj sky before scooter broke my heart by quitting! Also I love this blogg Cassandra!

    Post: I think fman122 might be real tho your reason seems true! And that bunny is super cute! It's great not bad!


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