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Art commissions

Welcome to the art commissions page where you request and I make!
Currently you can request any of the following that are mentioned on this page.

These requests can take up to a few days or a few weeks to make depending on my schedule!

Some I am better at then others so please don't complain if you don't like it. Keep your own thoughts to yourself and think positive.

Remember the pictures shown are just examples also....

The first art piece that you can request is the signature.
You can get it, drawn or computerized.



Request form:
- Username required to make 
- List signature i.e: Computerized or drawn
- List username wanted on it
- List items or things you would like on it (you can have up to 6)
- List the what you want the background to be like

Username: Violet86271
Signature: Drawn
Username wanted: Violet86271
Items on it: Paw prints, swirls and pie
Background: Sunset
*The format doesn't have to be exactly like this but similar would be best*

The next art piece you can get is your AJ animal drawings. 
These include, computerized and drawn. You can get headshots of your animal done or the whole body. You can also get them as a human and whichever position you want. Just make sure you state which one you're getting and how you would like it:D You can also get your human drawing as a chibi too as well as your animal also!


(My apologies for it being on its side.


*Those are the only pictures I have examples of*

Request Format:
- Username 
- Name of animal wanted drawn and which animal
- Drawing: Computerized or hand drawn
- State if it is... A headshot or normal drawing
- State the positiion you would like it in (does not apply to headshot)
- Describe the background (try not to get super complicated, something basic like stars or dots)
- State if you want your animal name and username on it or not

Username: Violet86271
Name of animal and animal: Seal, name little daisy gem
Drawing: Hand drawn
Type: Headshot
Background: Purple
I would like my username on it.

Well I can't wait to start creating!! 
Don't forget to request:D

Thanks for your time with Animal Jam Legendary Palooza Art Commissions made by Violet86271.


  1. Okay,
    I want the word:
    Any calm or fancy font
    and a galaxy background.
    Thanks ^-^

    1. Sure I will try to have it done this weekend! I will try to have it done this weekend

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i want my aj name r81803
    and draw a seal and make an rainbow background pls do it

    1. Kk idk how to draw a seal but I will practice :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Can I have a signature?
      I want racer18808 on it.
      I would like a rainbow back round with paw prints

  5. Can you make some art for all things animal jam that we can put on the blog that would be epic if you could

  6. Could you maybe make a banner for me? With my AJ wizard-looking wolf in the center? If you think you can do it, my username is swirlshine. I will probably NOT be my Wizard Wolf at that time, but you can look at my animals! Thanks!

  7. BTW, I would love if it had a galaxy background too. Thanks (again)!

  8. Do you draw people?

    1. No . The only things you can order is the things listed

  9. can i have a drawn signature saying Cookycupcake AJ for my blog? A would like it like the example you put.

  10. Could I have a drawn signature saying -CanineClaw (HarmonyPurr9) with a forest fire in the background?

  11. Can I get one drawn with "swirlshine" on it, with a galaxy-ish background, and one star bigger than the others? If it's too much trouble, that's fine, I'll change it, but if you can, I would love this drawn! :)

  12. Hehe, I just realized I asked for a galaxy background last time too! :P

  13. Please may I have a blog banner, computerised, of my Dolphin on the left side of my title (in my player animals tab - henrythegreat4) with the set underwater player card backround. Could it say "The Animal Jam Dolphin" (not including quotation marks) in the font Times New Roman. Underneath the title could it say henrythegreat4 in smaller writing in bold. To the right of the title please could there be a white paw print.

    Sorry if this is too much to ask. If it is, I would like to know how to make them! Thank you!

  14. I would like name
    Word in picture: Funforlife
    Can you add a pink racoon and pink bows?
    And computerized please
    Purple background

  15. username: hydroflaskvscogirl
    Word in picture:owo
    Can you make Kieragaming57's coyote on her wall? (fyi thats my account that got hacked)
    Galaxy background

    Got hacked, have nothing. please make this it would make my day gmail me at kgrammer57@gmail.com when ur done owo


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