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Legendary Paloozian of The Month Tracker

If you ever wanted to check out the Legendary Paloozian's of the month this is the page to do so!
All of the jammers that have been chosen will be on this page on the blog!

There was some jammers of the month in 2014 but then it was discontinued... Unfortunately I didn't keep track of those jammers...

May 2017 
May's paloozian was Iloppio33!
The animal chosen was Timid BerryRose and her pet Dizzypaw!

June 2017
(Sorry for not showing your animals name and for making the image smaller)
June's paloozian was Graciepopstar91!
The animal chosen was MajorMajorMajor and her pet Mirrorbook!

July 2017
July's Paloozian was Nafaria8 (cuddly)
The animal chosen was Fierce FieryFire and the her pet NinjaPaw!

August 2017
August's Paloozian was Transions.
The animal chosen was Sparkle GentilTulip and her pet Zippypup!

September 2017
September's Paloozian was Nafaria9.
The animal chosen was Countess Vinedeer and her pet ChewyNoceros.

October 2017
October's Paloozian was Lostfairy.
The animal chosen was Snowflake Frozenbelle and her pet Frostyblush.

November 2017
November's Paloozian was Sarahkey8.
The animal chosen was Snowflake Strongclaws and her pet Supercat.

December 2017
December's Paloozian was Ja983.
The animal chosen was King Toughbunny and her pet Windninja.

January 2018
January's Paloozian was Swirlshine.
The animal chosen was Flora Daisypride and her pet Firecat.

February 2018
February's Paloozian was Boxmonster. 
The animal chosen was Boxmonster and his pet Goodtot.

March 2018
March's Paloozian was Doomypanda.
The animal chosen was Countess spookypanda, and her pet Windowton.

April 2018
April's paloozian was Talloose.
The animal chosen was Swimming ridgebird and her pet Ghostgirl.

May 2018

May's paloozian was Cookies4ever8.
The animal chosen was Flora Daisyrose and her pet Snowysquirrel.

June 2018
June's paloozian was Q1zx.
The animal chosen was Scooter Sunnyrabbit and his pet Firetree!

July 2018
July's paloozian was Rainbow000Pegasus.
The animal chosen was Countess Magicspirit and her pet Purplehamster!


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