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In honour of  celebrating Animal Jam Legendary Palooza's 5th birthday!
There is a giveaway and small contest which you can enter below.

For the giveaway I will giving away these 4 items to one lucky person!

All you need to do is, comment below...
If you want you can also email me at Violet86271aj@gmail.com

Entry Form:
Number between 1 and 100

Due date to be determined...

Hope to see your entries!

Guessing/Matching Contest
For this contest, you will be given 7 animal names, and will have to match a fact with the animal. 
The person with most facts correct wins!!

Here are the animals and the facts!

- Dolphin
- Snow leopard
- Tiger
- Sea Turtle
- Sheep
- Armadillo
- Bunny

A) Are believed to be very intelligent
B) Have good peripheral vision, but bad depth perception
C) Found in all warm and temperate waters through out the world
D) Sleep up to 16 hours each day in burrows
E) The biggest species of the cat family 
F) Shelters take in more of these animals than any other type
G) China holds 60% of this population

Also there are letters beside the description so you can put the letter with the animal, instead of the whole description!

Comment below or email me at Violet86271aj@gmail.com
Entry Form:

Please do not copy anyone's answers or search up online!

Due date to be determined...

Draw a picture of you and your buddies having a great time
Create your own animal contest
Create your own land contest
Guess the animal contest
Story about anything aj
Which would violet rather
Draw anything of animal jam
Design a Signature Contest
Design anything 100 000 pageviews related
Acrostic poem contest
Guess the animal jam blogger/youtuber contest
Design/create/draw a future animal and its pet contest
Art commission giveaway


  1. I cant enter I dont have an email D:

  2. I would draw me and u I can't enter sob sob sob :'( I wanta enter so badly camdynlovesturtles from :sad face:

  3. Ok so let me tell you this the eagle was my animal i. Told aj about it

  4. Ok I enter the moutain goat! It's a land animal of course! The goat will sit like dog but hunched a little, the goat will stick out its legs and then shuffling them. After that it will turn all the way around and start again! When playing it will jump left then look right to left and jump back to the same spot it was before! For sleeping it will lie down right with its legs under its body and it's head on the ground! For hopping it will jump a metre high with its legs tucked when it jumps!
    Yes it does come with a new land! It's the Land with the waterfall and rivers. ( the one next to mt shiver) the new land will be pefect for moutain goats and deer! The new land will have lots of overhanging trees, rocks and caves too! In a cave there will be a clothing shop with goat/ rocked themed items! In a overhanging tree there will be den items!
    Well that's it! Bye!

    1. Sorry! When it sticks out its legs and shuffles them and does that it's the dance I forgot to add that!

  5. 1. Orca whale (Killer whale)
    3. Dance: It would jump up and do a twirl Dive: Same as Dolphin Swirl: Same as all the other underwater animals Play: Swims back a forth 3 times then spins and does it again
    4. No new land

  6. I forgot to enter the Rainbow-themed fashion show. >.< Oh well. But the Design Your Own Animal contest isn't over yet. I might enter when I have time. :)

  7. Animal- Flamingo
    Land- Land
    Actions- Dance: Take arms and wave wildly around while kicking legs up in the air. Play: Wobble on long legs. Sit: Fold legs and sit on ground. Hop: Jump up and down. Sleep: Close eyes and fold body in slightly while raising one leg to it's knee (since they sleep standing up!).
    It would be pink as the color when you first buy it!
    No, it would not have a new land, but it's favorite place might be Crystal Sands!
    Good luck to the other entries! I wish AJ would add all of these animals that people are suggesting- they are so awesome and such great ideas! ^.^
    My username is awesomepanda868!
    Happy day!

  8. Coyote. The coyote would come with a new item and land. The land would be a desert and the item would be a bandanna.
    When they hop they jump up and down.
    When they sleep they curl up and close their eyes.
    When they Sit they stretch out on the ground.
    When they Dance They get up on their back paws, wave their front paws around and then do a flip.
    When they play they tilt their head and lift up their paws, like they are begging and dash away.
    They would look a bit like a Wolf but smaller and they would come as a dusty brown color.

  9. Animal: Peacocks
    Status: Nonmember
    Cost: 1,000 gems

    These multi-colored birds are the 2nd flying animals in Jamaa! So now, every jammer can fly everywhere! They would look like peacocks, but somewhat smaller like the size of koalas or even bunnies! They would originally be green and blue in color with a long neck and beautiful tail. These nonmember animals will come with 3 NEW RELEASES:

    1.) With the release of peacocks, a new sky land called "Cirrus Kingdoms" ("Cirrus" being a type of cloud). This land would be above Mt. Shiveer and would look like castles in clouds. In the giant castle would be a clothing and den shop, which would release items such as cloud couches.

    2.) Also, there will be pet peacocks in the Diamond Shop worth 3 Diamonds. They will have big eyes and will come with accessories like tiaras, phoenix wings, and claws.

    3.) With the release of these animals, there will be ANOTHER surprise. First a new land, then a new pet, and now a new... Party! It will be called "Flying Only Party". Which is a party just for flying animals (Eagles and Peacocks). The background will be a rain forrest scene up high in the trees, and it will be raining. It will have a music shop, a clothing shop, with wing and tail items, and a den shop, with floating items, such as a floating lamp.

    Anyway, peacocks will sit down like a hen on her eggs, they will dance by waving their stretched out tail feathers, they will sleep curled up in a little ball, and they will hop and swirl back down to the ground. They will be a grrrrrrreat edition to the Animal Jam family!

    Username: chocolate4050
    Status: nonmember

    1. The funny thing is the second part came true with the pet peacocks (who knows one day we might get them as an animal) and the fact that there is now the cloud party for flying animals

  10. A platypus would be awesome it would be both land and underwater it can bounce on Its hand and do flips (like an acrobat) sit on it tail sleep on its stomach sprawled out it will dance the worm and it will play like a
    soldier (solute) it will come with a swamp land that has a pond and lots of cattail plants and dragon flys bugs and frogs

  11. Username: Jammmer3l0fj
    Land: Blazing Forest
    Landscape: This rain forest is filled with many different animals. Monkeys (both the jammers and others) can be seen in the trees. A poison dart frog can be seen in the corner, and toucans from above. Their is a game called rainforest race here where you must race through the forest and try to beat the other jammers. A small stream runs through the edge of the forest, and rain can be heard and seen. A new animal comes with the forest, a boa constrictor. This animal must be earned instead of bought (you can get it in adventures if you get to a certain level). Toucans, Frogs, Gorillas, Parrots, Jaguars and lemurs would also arrive. Their are small caves, which are great for roleplaying in. One of the caves has a store inside with new and old items in it. Their are a lot of trees in this land though. And its a bigger land a bit larger then then the sky den.

  12. I emailed my entry, but I'll retype it anyway ;)

    Here's my entry for your contest!

    Delta Flats
    Located North of Appondale and West of Mt. Shiveer
    Community build on a river

    Boat Rentals (located inside the Boat House) - sells den items like ponds, yachts, and canoes for members along with buoys, scuba flippers and kayaks for nonmembers
    Souvenir Stop (located inside the Museum of Jamaa) - sells Jamaa-themed items like snow globes for your den and t-shirts in the clothing section
    Snazzy Styles (located in Cute Couture) - a special clothing item shop with 'fashionable items' like sunglasses and necklaces

    The Boat House - a wooden building built on the riverbank with boating, canoeing, kayaking, etc. gear strewn around. Contains the Boat Rentals store
    Cute Couture - a fashion studio that contains the Snazzy Styles shop and a secret version of Best Dressed
    Graham's Workshop - a small room filled with gears and other mechanical parts
    Museum of Jamaa - A huge room with three floors like the Chamber of Knowledge in Zios. The first floor has video clips like the myths of Jamaa clip you could watch with old intro. The second floor has printable activities and the top floor is more 'modern' Jamaa and contains Souvenir Stop

    River Race: This new land will bring back the game that was deleted in 2012
    History Ticker: Located on the second floor of the Museum of Jamaa, this gives you a quiz about what you learn in the Museum

    As the entire mini-city is built on a river, that is major body of water. It comes from a the mountains Northwest of the land and flows toward Jamaa Township

    Trees: The swampy biome makes it difficult for any tall plants to grow, but there is a single tree that creates most of the islands with it's roots

    Animals: The animal most suited for this land would be the crocodile. it would also release a new animal, the frog. The frog would be smaller then the other animals (about the size of the seal), but much larger then the pets

    Pets: There would a station to adopt a frog

    Other attractions:
    Banyan Tree: The single tree that grows in the land. It's ginormous roots create a handful of islands.

  13. Username: puppyfalina
    Status: Member

    1. Cheetah
    2. Arctic Wolf
    3. Snow Leopard
    4. Sea Turtle
    5. Horse
    6. Otter
    7. Giraffe
    8. Elephant
    9. Owl
    10. Monkey
    11. Dolphin
    12. Octopus

    I can't figure out the bonus ones xD I'll try later! Good luck everyone!

  14. Username: Jammer3l0fj
    Status: Nonmember
    1:Cheetha 2: Artic Wolf 3: Leopard/snow leopard 4: Seal maybe 5: Horse 6: This is clearly an Otter 7: Eagle? 8: Elephant 9: Owl 10: Monkey? 11:dolphin 12: octopus
    1: Manatee
    2: Beluga Whale
    3: Its some type of fish right?

  15. User: 2fangwolf
    Status: Nonmember
    1. cheetah
    2. arctic wolf
    3. snow leopard
    4. fish..?
    5. horse
    6. otter
    7. bird of some sort
    8. elephant
    9. owl
    10. monkey
    11. dolphin
    12.octopus or squid

  16. Usser: cookycupcake AJ 9/4/15
    Status: Member
    1 cheetah
    2 arctic wolf
    3 raccoon
    4 seal
    5 horse
    6 otter
    7 giraffe
    8 elephant
    9 owl
    10 monkey ( a cute one with an orangey tint)
    11 dolphin
    12 octopus ( or something like that)
    1 manitee
    2 killer whale?
    3 blobby the blobfish!

  17. Username: HarmonyPurr9
    1- Anteater
    2- Peacefully
    3- Rest of life
    4- Junk Food
    5- Medium

  18. HarmonyPurr9
    Story: Liza was hungry so she ate Sir Gilbert's pet monkey, Sir Gilbert Then ate Liza's pet hamster. Then it became a who-Can-Eat-The-Most Contest and soon they ate all of Jamaa.


    1. Sorry this entry doesn't not qualify the rules as a paragraph has to be 4-5 sentences long:( This entry will be declined. Sorry....

  19. Username: lostfairy
    Story: Once upon a time, there was a big, flat, empty land. A blue heron named Mira flew by and wanted to change it into something beautiful so others could enjoy. So she got her best friend Zios, and together, they changed the land. It was now full of color and life. Animals trickled into the land, now called Jamaa and soon there were tons of animals. To this day, they celebrate Mira and Zios, for creating this wonderful land.
    The End.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. XD Oops! I thought you had said 4-5 sentences XD. Man!!! XD

  20. Username: swirlshine

    Story: In a faraway land, there lived a blue heron. She lived on her own, and was always thinking of ways to make the world a better place. One day, as she looked out across the mountaintops, she imagined a beautiful new land, with lots of plants, animals, and fun. Every time she thought about the land, the more confident she became that it could one day become real. She knew that she was just ONE animal, one animal who couldn't make an entire land by herself, but at the same time, she felt it was possible.
    Several months later, she was dreaming when a flash of white light appeared. It finally faded, revealing a big, beautiful village, just like how the heron had imagined it. A voice told her that she was destined to be the creator of this land, a land where all animals lived in harmony. The voice-spirit graced her with the name 'Mira'. Once Mira awoke, she immediately took off towards the mountains. She flew for days and days, never stopping, knowing somehow exactly where she was headed. Finally, she reached a flat, green field, and received a vision of the land. She immediately starting creating, and after a few days, a spirit called Zios came down to help her. But soon, Mira realized that other creatures wanted the land. Black, alien-like creature with one eye, called phantoms. Mira and Zios tried to reason with the phantoms, but they attacked. When Zios jumped in front of Mira to save her from being hit with a lightning blast, he was hit himself. Zios was gone forever.
    Despite her sadness, Mira managed to finish the last continent of her land. She named it 'The Lost Temple Of Zios', and put a memorial of Zios in the center of it.
    She then flew around the world with untiring energy, inviting all animals to come live in her new land. Soon, Mira's village was bustling with pandas, monkeys, tigers, wolves, koalas, and bunnies. And when the sun set over the hills, on the first day of Mira's land, she named it...Jamaa.

  21. Username: Jammer3l0fj Status: Nonmember Number: 22

  22. Username: Jammer3l0fj
    Status: Nonmember
    2:In her sleep
    3: Play a game for the rest of her life
    4:Junkfood and Healthy food

  23. Part 1:
    Mira circled over Jamaa. The once lovely city was ruined. The phantoms had struck with no warning and had captured the city of Jamaa. All they left was destruction and pollution. The rivers and seas flowed with pollution, the plants had all withered and died, and many animals were sick and dying. Animals were captured, never to be seen again and entire species were being driven out. All of this was her fault. She had created these phantoms! Life had been perfect, life had been so sweet. Zios and her had created Jamaa, a happy and safe place for animals of all kinds. However, life soon took a dark turn. Zios began pulling away he no longer spent as much time with her, he was always busy. Soon she found out why. He had fallen in love with a swan who lived in jamaa. She felt so betrayed, so angry! Her jealousy, her bitterness, her anger came together and created the first Phantoms. She had called them her children, and cared and protected them. She thought they were good that they were a blessing. She never guessed how wrong she was. When Zios discovered them he tried to destroy them, he knew they had the power to destroy jamaa. However, more and more phantoms began appearing, and he sacrificed himself to destroy them. Her anger had turned to grief when she realized what had happened. Her creations were evil, they had killed her husband. New phantoms were born from her tears and the darkness of jamaa. No one had known they were there till it was too late. Now Jamaa was falling apart around her.

  24. Part 2:
    The remaining animals rushed over to see her. "Mira your back" Greely, a blue wolf yipped. "We were worried" Sir gilbert, a tiger, added. Liza, a panda, nodded "We were worried something had happened to you" she said. Cosmo,a brown koala, nodded in agreement. She sighed "Don't worry about me, focus on the war. We must find someway to drive these awful phantoms away from Jamaa." she said. They nodded, "Yes Mira" they said. She frowned glancing around, a battle with the phantoms was a suicide mission. The phantoms outnumbered them and the animals were weak already. However, what other choice did they have? It was fight or die, there was no other way unless... She paused glancing at her friends an idea forming in her head. What if she granted these four faithful animals power? It could work... "Greely, Sir Gilbert, Cosmo, Liza... you must listen to me. I have a plan to drive away these phantoms once and for all but it's dangerous. I will give you four powers which will allow you to drive these phantoms away and protect your fellow animals. Then Jamaa will be safe again" she said. They looked stunned. "Us?" Cosmo asked "You choose us out of all animals?" She nodded "Yes Cosmo i choose you four. You are the animals i trust the most, i know you will return Jamaa to what it was before the war!" she said. "I accept your offer Mira. I will fight to the end" Greely said. "I will also fight! These phantoms will wish they never were born after i'm through with them" Sir Gilbert said. Liza nodded "You can count me in!" she said. "If.. if you really want me to i will fight" Cosmo said, his voice nervous. She smiled, and they began to glow. She filled them with power, giving them some of her own abilities. The glow faded and they were ready to face the phantoms. "You are no longer ordinary animals. From now on you are the Alphas, the protectors of Jamaa!" she shouted.They dipped their head to her then began moving toward Jamaa Township to face the phantoms. After hours of fighting they returned, victorious. "What now?" Cosmo asked Mira "Should we start replanting the plants and get rid of this pollution?" Mira sighed "Cosmo, Sir Gilbert, Liza and Greely. It is time you make these decisions for yourself. I can't help you anymore, you must help yourselfs. You are the Alphas, i am just an old weak bird. I am leaving Jamaa, i can not stay here any longer. You are the protectors of jamaa now" she spoke sadly but firmly. "Mira you can't! Mira you must stay! Don't leave us! Mira! MIRA!" the animals cried out. She ignored them and flew into the sky. She dove down into the flames of the fire and vanished into thin air. After that the only animals who ever saw or spoke to her were the new alphas she had chosen. However, her spirit can still be seen in the fire where the animals saw her leave.

  25. Ooo! Ooo ooo ooo! I'm so doing this! Can I post the finished product on my blog?

    1. Sure as long as it's related to animaljam or something from aj

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. For giveaway:
    User: Binx1184
    Number 37

    (entering for my buddy since she cant comment. She told me the number don't worry!)

  28. For fashion show:
    My animal is my cougar, Empress Frillylily. :D

    For giveaway:
    User: lostfairy
    Number: 26!

  29. Username: iLoppio33
    Giveaway Number: 70
    Fashion Show: it's the otter called Swift Theswag

    It's not a very good 'party' look but I didn't have a party hat or anything, except for the spring one but ehh lostfairy (which seems to be my only competitor) is already using one.

  30. Username: Sarahkey8
    le giveaway number: 59 XD

    I will enter fashion show after I make a look ;)

  31. Username Sarahkey8

    Animal Jam: Young Kind Rose

    Gl everyone

  32. Username: Tzatziki
    Animal: Glowing Kawaiiiris (my lynx :P)

  33. - Entry for Giveaway
    - Username Ja983
    - Status Nonmember

  34. Oh man, I have no idea who any of those are XDD SORRY

    As for the animal, they should add a cow!
    Sit just an average horse sit!
    - Play A bell appears on its neck and it rings it?
    - Sleep kind of a lynx sleep?
    - Hop Just the average hop!
    - Dance shimmy XDD

  35. User: Ja983
    Number: 73
    *Husky Ninja

  36. Hmm...

    1. MisterChunkyBuddy...?
    2. Bepper?
    3. ME! :D
    4. UHHH... idk... Penguin555444...?
    5. Graciepopstar?
    6. Random guess: WisteriaMoon? I don't know any YouTubers so I'm just throwing names out XD
    7. Gellyjones?
    8. Talloose?
    9. No clue XD
    10. Awesomepanda?

    This is probably the most incorrect entry you're gonna get XD


  37. Username: Nafaria8
    Number: 13

  38. User: Lostfairy
    Number: 28

    Ackkkk, sorry, Vi! I don't have the time to draw an animal and pet. Or guess all of those people. DX Sorry!!

  39. I'm entering just the art commissions contest. If I had more time, I would have tried to enter the other ones. But ack, just found out about this today! DX

    Username: Kooleskat
    Number: 58

    Thanks you doing this! And congrats on the anniversary of your blog!!! :3

  40. The entries for the contest and giveaway for the 5 year celebration start here:)

  41. I suppose I'll enter!!

    Good luck to all who enter!! :P

  42. I think people aren't joining due to the ending date-

    1. If they read the most recent post of mine, they will see that they should just ignore that

    2. Even so, conflicting deadlines has always been an off-putting factor for too many people. That's just how it works...

  43. I'm finally entering the contest!

    1. foxesareboss
      Non member...

    2. Question a lot of the due dates are unknown? Why?

    3. It's because I did not get many entries so I wasn't sure how long it would take :D

    4. Oh he he he I can see that happening!

  44. A - Dolphin
    B - Snow Leopard
    C - Sea Turtle
    D - Bunny
    E - Tiger
    F - Sheep
    G - Armadillo
    Idk if im wrong or right tbh TOT


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