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Scamming Knowledge

Ever wanted to learn more about scamming? Well if so you have come to the right place!
To start off with... Let's look at my definitions of scamming and hacking!

Scammer: a jammer who steals items and never gives anything in return
Hacker: a jammer who goes into accounts or AJ and steals items from there account without the jammer knowing

Now.... For a few tips and tricks on how to not get scammed:
-if you don't want to get scammed make sure you trade FAIRLY.
- Make sure you don't trade any jammers who say the following things...
"Send me unwanted items and get my outfit!"
"Best trade will win my list."
"It's my birthday... send me stuff."

Any of those phrases above are usually scams. If anyone ever says anything like those you will most likely get scammed.

How can you help?
If you want to help just go around Jamaa and find jammers who are scamming. If you have a youtube channel or blog you could also warn people on there. And the best way is to always.. REPORT A JAMMER!

For more info go to:http://ajjsd.blogspot.ca/
This used to be my scam catching blog. It is now inactive:(



  1. Another scamming example is a scammer saying "Send me something really good and I will send something better back".


    1. ✿Or..... u can go to a trading party/wootmoo's den and Chu shall find people that say flash me ALL SCAMMERS✿

    2. Dude, not ALL of them are scammers. Stop accusing those who could be innocent.

  2. Hey I have a scam that is new theses days btw I'm humdinger41
    "send me ur rares I'm from ajq I need to update them" even know this isn't common it works on people flash trading and trust trading r scams too

  3. Oh I nver heard that flash trading and trust trading is scamming.. Lol and I've never heard of that one before

    1. Ya I trusted someone they took my bronze giraffe. Once I flashed someone and they took the rare item that was flashed lots of people get upset. Lol that scam is rare but used for new jammers

  4. I'm seahorses10 :I

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I'm Seahorses10 :I buddy me and send gifts my youtube acct is Seahorses10 AJ plz subscribe :) BTW I commented earlier saying, "I'm seahorses10 :I" JSYK :D

  7. Hey Violet, think you should add the untrustable ":)" ?


  8. Btw somejammers wont fake the bday mine was the day before. Halloween and i even had an aj bday party

  9. ya most of the time scamers say giift me its my bday bat its not idk ... i just see that alot

  10. Ohh i have one!
    "I'm recording please send me items"
    One time i wasn't scamming but i said trade me i never accept, and a warning popped up and it said Scamming is against the AJ rules and blah blah blah. I guess that would be a scam too. Trust parties are also scams, because you are basically trading all your good items for a bad item (i.e 4 black longs for a necklace) and you basically have to 'trust them' to not accept the trade. However, they can accept, and you will be ruined. Also, giveaways are a bad idea too. They are done on spare accounts

  11. No offense but scamming tips sounds like encouraging people to scam....

  12. I am soo glad that there is no more flash or trading, since there is a trade confirmation thingy.

  13. Another scam I got scammed by is "Trade me your fox hat! I wanna TRY it on! I promise I'll trade it back!"


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