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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Exploring the Nature of Crystal Sands

- Daily Item
- Exploring the nature of Crystal Sands
Hey jammers!
Guess who's posting again?
Who could it be? I wonder? Well today my brother and I made some more delicious pie. They were actually quite good. Though it was a sour cherry pie. Though I didn't find the cherries that sour tbh. I also had my first day of classes on Friday and did some volunteering yesterday, which was also kinda fun. The teas I tasted were quite delicious!
I also just got shampoo in my eyes :/. They are okay though now!
Anyway's enough rambling let's get on with todays post right amigos?
(AmigosXD Since when does Vi say amigos? I dunno. I really dunno)

Daily Item:
Today we have the new friendship bow and arrow tapestry sold in jam mart furniture for 500 gems!
I'm glad this is nonmembers. I also like how it is a decent price also. I believe this is a new item. Its kinda a cute item to have for valentines day.
Exploring the Nature of Crystal Sands:
So awhile back I guess a few months I started a series called Exploring the Nature of Lands. In this series I went to a place in Jamaa and investigated the nature with in it. 
I was initially gonna do Mt. Shiveer today and look at the nature within that land but um whenever I switched servers to the low populated one and went back to Mt. Shiveer I got switched back to the busier server so yeah... 
I decided to do Crystal Sands instead. 

So without further ado, lets explore the nature of Crystal Sands!

Palm Trees
The first piece of nature is the palm trees. 
These trees are layered in this section beside the pet wash and Tierney's aquarium. Another set is shown beside the juice hut.  You can tell how delicately these palm trees were drawn. They don't have a lot of detail yet they still stand out, and fit perfectly within the scene. The background of the trees is also much less detailed and it kinda more simple. I think thats what defines the trees more. 

I believe in Crystal Sands the land contains two waterfalls. They are surrounded by rocks. I love the water falls, since I don't know they are just calming. These also don't have to much detail. The style and colour choice is also good too to make, it looks so nice, and matches the theme. 

The Flamingo by the water
This piece of nature includes a little tuft ( I know thats the wrong word) of ground sticking out of the water with the flamingo standing in front. Surrounding the nature piece is corals that are shown underneath the water. I like how the corals are displayed so it gives a bit more of look of what may be below the ocean . The stone with the grass or perhaps algae as it is by water doesn't have much detail either but I find that the edges and smoothness is very nice. The addition of the flamingo also gives it the perfect piece to include. 

The (Nut) Tree (?)
I really like this tree. For each section of the leaves I love how there is a bunch of shading to make the tree look more full. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe what is hanging from the tree is possibly nuts. Whatever they are though I love the shading that is used on them too. The shading for this tree is marvellous and gives a nice eye catching and cartoony affect!

Finally we have the flowers. Im gonna assume this is lavendar by the looks. But I could be completely wrong. I love the simplicity of the flowers. These once again don't have much detail but in the end they are actually quite suddle as they outline the path which displays another nice effect. 

Bonus: Parrot
This isn't really plants but it is nature considering it is a parrot in the wild. 
Just look how cute it is! 

Well thats all the nature I have for this week! 
Which piece of nature do you like the best in this land? 

Comment below which land you think should be explored next!
Thats all for today jammers!
See you soon!


  1. I love this post so much!! I think my favorite thing in all of Animal Jam is the style with which the backgrounds are drawn, and it's nice to see someone who appreciates them as much as I do. :D

    I'm doing an ongoing art project for school that involves drawing lots of forests and plants, and it's very difficult-- trees are so complex. I wonder if I should try out the style of the AJ palm trees to mix things up!


    1. Thanks! The nature in AJ is very nice! OOh that art project sounds fun. I love drawing nature and wild life :D

  2. Great post keep up the great work!


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