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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Lets Revive The Animal Jam Blog Community

(feeling lazy and not putting the intro thing and caption of today's post at the top lol. It'll be like an older style AJLP post)

Hey jammers!
So um today wasn't very productive. To top that off a book I ordered still hasn't shipped yet and I ordered it a month ago, and now that book is in stock online and is in stock near me. So its like... seriously?? I don't have much more to say so yeah:D Lets get on with the post...

So today I decided to go into jamaa and spread the word about animal jam blogs!

So at first a few people came to my and these two tigers wore the same outfit and danced around. 

So it didn't really work...
I hope people got the message, that there is blogs about animal jam. I don't think it spread the word much. I wish AJ would help influence the animal jam bloggers and not just youtubers. 

Sorry, there wasn't really a point to today's post. 
I wanted to post, but I didn't really know what to post about. I noticed that the more well known AJ blogs get more newer viewers, while others don't. I mean we do its just not as frequent.

We should take action and help to showcase the animal jam blogs and bloggers. 
We aren't the only ones who shore effort in the game to make creative content.
We take just as much time as the youtuber's. 

We need ideas to help solve the pain. We need to start now and take action!

(Boy this sounds like an ad for an issue XD, I guess an AJ issue)

Comment down ideas you have that could help us with the animal jam blog community to help revive its popularity and meaning. 

Thats all for today!
See you next time hopefully with a more exciting post XD

Oh my gosh I just searched in youtube, animal jam blogs and all the videos that popped up are from like 6 years ago. This makes me saddddd.


  1. LOL. This is a fantastic post. I laughed at those photos of you in Jamaa. Anyway, you have to think about why blogging has slowed down over the years... Idk. I do wish blogging was more popular... I wonder why it was so popular back in the day... It's because a lot of people were doing it, and then when they quit, no one replaced them... Idk.

  2. I really want to post more regularly so I can provide content to people more often, but of course it's not always easy. ^^;

    I think Blogging isn't as popular as YouTube because of how YouTube is structured. It's way easier to get lost in YT videos than blog posts because if you watch one AJ video, a ton more from different channels pop up in the sidebar. Additionally, watching a video and hearing someone speak might be easier for some people than reading text on a screen.

    1. You have a point, but c'mon . . AJ blogging used to be VERY popular. Not as popular as youtube, but still pretty damn popular. I think we just need to advertise more, since most people think AJ blogging is dead for good. (it's not dead yet! it's just . . hanging in there.)

  3. YES!!! I'm all in for this movement! :D
    I think we should post AJ blogs on our jammer walls and advertise for people to check out the blogs!

  4. If AJHQ makes bloggers rare we might get attention pfft-


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