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Friday, August 31, 2018

Animal Jam 8th Birthday Cake

- Jamaa Journal 
- Bday art (so far)
- Q&A 
Hey jammers!
Wow I actually haven't posted on here in like um.... 
a week and um 2 days?! Okay, let me tell you this though. On Saturday and Sunday I was camping and by the time I got home on Sunday I decided just to relax. Then monday I went to the 5sos concert which was basically just as good as the time before except peoples heads were in the way since it was general admission and they didn't talk as much DX other than that it was great:D Then tuesday night.... I think I just didn't want to post or I got distracted by something, I forget. Wednesday i was gonna post but then I got a migraine... then yesterday I was gonna post but then something got in the way. So yeah. I got my schedule for the school the other day and my friend and I have no classes together. which sucks, so I better have classes with people who I talk to or else.... This will be a very sad year:( But I did receive the courses I wanted so thats good. But my second semester is gonna be so stressful because, Im gonna have, science, english, history and music!

Anyway's lets check out yesterday's jamaa journal update!

Jamaa Journal:
First we have the returning pixel place den.

OOh its animal jam's birthday so let's celebrate with the new cake:)




Pixel den items have returned. A new exhibit in the conservation museum.

Summer carnival items are all on sale.

New shirts are coming soon... 

I rate this update a 4/10

When I initially saw this update I thought it was lame and poo. I mean I still kinda do because it basically is page fillers but everything is basically returning.  And like, AJ didn't even make the front page of the jamaa journal even stand out like they usually do plus the update didn't even pop out on the screen like they usually when we log on. Laziness.... 


Here is the cake (including all the stages):

(the pictures below are from the animal jam lake blog)

Bday Fan Art:
So for my birthday I received a few pieces of art from a few friends of mine from AJ!
I think I am still waiting on one from someone but I thought I would show the 2 that I have received so far:)

This one comes from Karalee!
She drew me as a mermaid undersea with a seal lion! This is actually really cool though cause I love seals and I like seal lions and like all marine animals:) So honestly I wish this was my life XD

This other one came from Koolest!
She drew Thomas Brodie-Sangster for me in chibi/manga form and I really love it!!
Gahhh, him in chibi form just makes him so much more cuter! 

Thanks again so much guys!! I really appreciate it:D

I decided instead of doing a contest for my birthday I would do a Q&A instead. 
So please comment down some questions on the previous post! 
More info is in the previous post as well.

Here is the link:

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya hopefully a few more times before school starts:)



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