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Friday, July 13, 2018

Window Drawing

- Daily Item
- mini challenge 
- Violet's drawing
Hey jammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I volunteered today and read some more maze runner which I am finally rereading the series. 
Other than that didn't really do to much!!


Daily Item:
Today we have the bright idea hat sold in jam mart clothing for 750 gems!!
I feel like this item has been here before but I can't exactly remmember fully. This is a good item though if you want to be a light bulb:D

Here is what it looks like on a seal:
I guess it is displaying that a light has turned on in your brain XD

Mini Challenge:
It's been a little while since we did a jigsaw puzzle last, so I thought we could do one today!!

I would love to see how long it takes you, so make sure to comment down your time below.

I hope you enjoy this little puzzle:)

Violet's Drawing:
Okay well I finally finished this masterpiece.
I tried to draw realistic clouds but AJ didn't have the right brushes so it turned out like poop so I tried adding a grey on top but then I got frustrated and scribbled all over with the air brush. 
Then I tried to do a wooded effect on the frame like realisitc but that once again didn't turn out proper. 

I guess from a far distance it looks fine but eh. I wish I could have done better:)


and make masterpieces for nonmembers!!!!!! not just mp tokensssssss.
Okay trying to not be frustrated anymore. BYE.
Thats all for today jammers!!
See ya soon!


  1. My time was 3:32! That was so cool and also really fun, I had no idea that website existed!


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