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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Welcome to the Fam Dire Wolves!

- Jamaa Journal Update
- Blog News
Hey jammers!
Tomorrow I have a special event happening at my school, where we compete and I need a green shirt, well I actually do have one except, its 3 quarter sleeve shirt so it doesnt work as good. I would have gotten shirt tonight but my mom didn't want to make another stop when she was going out so I guess I will just have to do in the hot weather with a green shirt...  Also almost done my speaker in tech which is great:) I wanted to glue to pieces today, but I ran out of time unfortunately:( Plus we start our next project on Monday so thats great. Though I must say, not a lot of people are done. 
Okay, let's stop my ramblings for this post! 

Let's get on with the greater and more excellent news!!

Jamaa Journal:

Dire Wolves are here!! Honestly, to me they look a little funny. They are kinda big in some areas. I shall get one day( possibly...)

The ol'barn is back. Nonmembers should be able to have more dens, their dens are honestly kinda limited.

Random refer a friend reminder... I think the refer a friend button should be somewhere else. The button kinda looks out of place on the buddy list. What do you guys think?

Summer carnival is back!! YAY!! 

When I first saw this image at the bottom of the journal, I thought we had bumper cars being added to jamaa. Got a little bit disapointed must sayXD But you know what this means? Maybe the next game added to the carnival will be bumper cars!! 

Oooh a hard mode of the mystery below adventure. A new frame has been added for the masterpieces. This time it is a cosmo frame. I actually really like this frame because of the nature on it. It just looks great! Next update we will probably have another frame for another alpha.

Books reminder. Wow already 4...

I rate this jamaa journal a....

Blog News:
In other news... 
*gives round of applause to myself and the blog XD*

Also don't forget there are some contests to enter and polls to vote on!! So if you haven't yet PLEASE, check those out:)
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon:)

"In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take."


  1. Congrats on the pageviews!!! You deserve every last one, and every view to come. :)

    Just so you know, for some reason Blogger has taken away the polling gadget, so people can't vote on polls anymore. It literally makes no sense why, and I struggled a lot trying to find a 3rd party polling gadget without ads today.

    There's a lot of HTML poll widgets you can find, but right now I'm using poll-maker.com for the poll on my blog and it's working pretty well. If you want, you can go check that out.

    When you get the HTML code, just select the HTML gadget in your layout and copy and paste it in.

    Awesome post as always, Violet :)


    1. Thanks!! Ooooooh, I was wondering why the polls were showing properly on the blog. Guess I know now XD Ill be sure to check that poll maker site out, cause now all these polls need to be replaced.
      Thank you as always:)


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