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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Collecting Items Tips and Tricks

- Daily Item
- Collecting Items Tips and Tricks
- Den ideas
- contest reminders
Hey jammers!
How are you all today? Finally I am back with a proper post, considering the last few posts have been kinda important/special? Don't really know how to put it but yeah:) Today I had found out I had been lied to my whole life. You wanna know about what? Well it turns out the big dipper and those types of stars are not actually constellations. IN FACT! THEY ARE ASTERISMS, that are in constellations. So if someone says, little dipper is a constellation. THEY ARE WRONG XD 
Well there ya go, your fact for the day. Also another random fact, so apparently if your hair got ripped out of your scalp and there was blood, your hair would not grow back and it would be bald. So there ya have. 2 educational facts from Vi!!

Let's get onto this post!

Daily Item:
Today we have the sports jersery sold in jam mart clothing for 500 gems! (not actually sure if this is the new item, but I am going to go with it)
This item has never really sparked my appetite but, it does work well with sporty outfits! It is also a reasonable price, so why not buy it?

Here is what it looks like on a pig:
Its kinda hard to tell but.

Collecting Items Tips and Tricks:
Since im not really to sure of what to post for how to and tips and tricks anymore so I decided to post some tips and tricks for collecting items.
Now, for starters it depends the types of items you want to collect. But here can be some useful tips.

 - Search stores for the items
- Try getting them from adventures
- Do research on the item you will be collecting
- If trading then trade items fairly, maybe explain why you want that item?
- Stay focused and on task
- If den items showcase the items in den so it is easier to see, it is also good to showcase your collection

Well there you have it!! 
I hope those tips may possibly help you out in the future. 

Den Ideas:
Today I will be showing some den ideas from jammers all across jamaa!
Make sure if you do use these ideas you do not copy them fully and that you ask the owners of the idea before using!!
This is a nice computer corner! 
*don't actually have the username for this idea*

This is a nice cozy corner idea,

Hope you enjoyed those ideas!!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon!!
- Violet


  1. Great ideas in this post! :D

    P.S. I think you might be able to get more entries in your contest if you make a blog post all about the contest and have people enter in the comments. When I saw the notice for the contest, I was initially confused because I didn't know where to go, and when I got to the contest page it lagged up my browser to scroll through all the comments.

    Not to say that your blog is hard to navigate– I could easily find your contest if I put my mind to it, it's just that some people might just give up if you don't hand them the instructions upfront.

    I'm going to enter in your contest when I have time this week :)


    1. Thank you and thanks for the Advice Doomy! I actually did make a brief post awhile back about the contests. There also is a small icon at the top of the blog that says contests, to inform people. Hmmmm I didn't notice any lagging.... strange XD


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